Photo Friday – 09.24.2010

Ez tricked Noah!

Yes he was drinking dog water and we grabbed the camera instead of stopping him. Doesn't he make the cutest puppy?

I am talking to you!

Dusting. He saw me use a feather duster once, now the cat toy is one.

Noah feeding Ez, so what if it isn't edible?

Wrestling is still so cute! I know one of these days it will be crazy.

Watermelon, yum!

Muffins are currently a favorite food and a special treat!

Green smoothies are serious business!

Seriously, they love them! Don't you dare try to take it.

Playing some music with Abby.

Playing with Abby in the tunnel.

She better watch out, they are ganging up on her.


Where are those boys?

A local gardener with chickens was super generous and gave me a dozen eggs, generous because it is hot and hens don't produce much in the heat!