No Tooth Fairies!



A couple of days after Noah lost his first tooth, his second tooth was ready to come out.  We pulled it and he placed it in the tooth box under his pillow.  Shortly after putting them to bed, Matt heard some noises from their room.  He went to see what was going on and Noah was up, relocating the tooth to his fire plane, so the tooth fairy couldn’t find it.  Why?  He wanted to start his own tooth collection.  He really didn’t want a visit from the tooth fairy, so Matt helped him make a sign for the door.  Plus it was safely secured inside his fire plane.



We thought that was good enough, but a little while later Matt checked and noticed Noah laying in the middle of the floor.  He asked what he was doing and Noah responded, “I just can’t find it.”  He had decided to relocate his tooth from the fire plane but had dropped it.  We assured him the tooth fairy was not going to come and search for his lost tooth.  Daddy even showed him that he texted the tooth fairy to say she didn’t need to visit.  We finally convinced him to go to sleep and that in the morning we’d help him find the missing tooth for his collection.


PS: We never tried to get the boys to believe in the tooth fairy, but thanks to friends and tv they really believe in her and it’s kind of adorable.

PPS:  Mommy finally found the tooth wedged in the bottom of the fire plane.

First Visit From the Tooth Fairy

Noah lost his first tooth! It was super loose and really bothering him, but was not easy to pull. Daddy couldn’t actually get a grip on the tooth so mommy had to pull it while daddy held him. He was getting anxious and needed a distraction. Luckily he provided his own when he tooted and began giggling. I pulled it out quickly. He cried for a bit, upsetting Ezra. Ezra was so upset thinking we had really hurt his brother. Noah recovered quickly, but Ezra stayed upset for a long time. (Noah was worried it was going to cause Ezra nightmares, aren’t twins adorable?)

Our dentist gave us the tooth case and it glows in the dark. Noah thought it was glowing because the tooth fairy was inside it. He was excited to find she left him $1 for his tooth.

Daddy Trying Happy it's over Ez was really upset Checking things out

Last day of school 2014

What a great year. We decided to let them do one more year of preschool instead of sending them to kindergarden early. They really loved this year, made lots of great friends and learned a ton while having fun, both at school and in the afternoons at home.


First Day of school back in September


First Day of school back in SeptemberDSC01483

First Day of school back in September


And the Last Day:   DSC02434 DSC02436 DSC02440 DSC02441 DSC02442 DSC02444

Rope Climb

This happened all the way back on December 2! Noah made it to the top of the rope at gymnastics on only his second try. He was determined to get a prize, a gatorade, but he kept calling it a gator. We are so proud of him.

Noah Climbing

Noah at 5


Color: red
Sport: Riding bikes
Animal: Cheetah
Food: Carrots
Book: Firefighter Rhino
Season: Winter
Restaurant: Cafe Lalibela (because it has injera)
Holiday: Christmas
Weather: Cold and Sunny
Cereal: Squares (Cinnamon Toast)
TV Shows: Lego Ninjago
Movie: Incredibles
Candy: Candy Cane
Subject: Learning to write
Toy: Firetruck Lego
Thing to do: Go to Gamma and Papa’s house
Place have been: Arizona, Colorado, California, New Mexico, Oklahoma, United Arab Emirates, Ethiopia
Place to be: Gamma and Papa’s house
Place I want to go: Oklahoma
Person: Gamma, Papa, Mommy, and Daddy
Hero: Batman
Time of Day: Evening
Song: The ninja song on the beginning of ninjago
Drink: Hot Cocoa
Treat: Candy Canes
Vacation: Colorado, Nana and Papa’s House

Noah at 4

15 copy

Color: red
Sport: Basketball
Animal: Cow
Food: Bagel with cream cheese
Book: Firetrucks
Season: Winter
Restaurant: The restaurant at the end of the pier at the beach (funny I don’t remember him eating the food)
Holiday: Christmas
Weather: Cold and Sunny
Cereal: Cheerios
TV Shows: Fireman Sam
Movie: Incredibles
Candy: Cake
Subject: Learning to write
Toy: Firetrucks
Thing to do: Relaxing
Place have been: Arizona, Colorado, California, New Mexico, Oklahoma, United Arab Emirates, Ethiopia
Place to be: Home
Place I want to go: Gamma and Papa’s
Person: Daddy
Hero: Firefighters
Time of Day: When daddy’s home
Song: If you’re happy and you know it
Drink: Chocolate milk
Treat: Candy Canes
Vacation: Colorado

Photo by Rachelle Tucker Photography

Strep Again

Poor Noah has strep throat again. (Luckily he seems to be the only one this time. *fingers crossed*) We actually had no clue he was sick. He had a lack of appetite, but we just thought he was being a three year old. On Friday morning he was fine, maybe a little tired but happy and played well. We even went to lunch with Papa where he played his little heart out. When we got home he was almost immediately stricken by stomach pain. Since it was Friday and I didn’t want to deal with urgent care I decided to see if the doctor could get us in and they could.

She immediately thought strep throat, but then become worried when Noah was clearly in severe pain. We tried to get urine for more tests but no luck. She told me if the pain didn’t subside and he developed a fever to take him to the Children’s hospital. She was now worried about appendicitis.

I made my parents pick up Ez and had Matt come to the doctor’s office because I couldn’t take anymore of Noah’s pain. Matt was just what Noah needed, he fell asleep in Matt’s arms. Which the doctor took as a good sign and we were sent home and told to just take his temp regularly.

Noah wanted to go to daddy’s office while I got his prescription filled. He perked up when he got to play with the ipad by himself. He had one more hour long bought of severe pain when we got home and we almost left for the hospital, but he never did get a fever. Two doses of antibiotics and he is on the mend.

Ezra was very upset he couldn’t help take Noah to the doctor, but he ended up having a great afternoon with Gamma, Papa, and Abby.

Conversing with Nature

“Birds, you’re not eating?” – Noah

Bird chirps back at him

“Oh okay, that’s fine.” – Noah

(The boys made bird seed feeders a while back with Gamma and Papa, they are hanging in our trees, for some reason the birds haven’t touched them.)

Noah at 3

Noah is serious and shy, but also fun loving. Ezra is the only one that can get a true belly laugh out of him. He loves everything to be done correctly and perfectly. He is strong willed and persistent. He is also loving, kind, and thoughtful. He takes very good care of his brother and loves to take care of mommy. He loves learning, drawing, and music.

Color: red
Sport: T-Ball
Animal: Bugs
Food: mac and cheese
Book: Green Eggs and Ham
Season: Anytime we can play outside

Restaurant: One where he can get a dessert
Holiday: Christmas, Halloween
Weather: Rainy (I’m just putting this because they get so excited when they see rain)
Cereal: Oatmeal (poor kid doesn’t know anything else)
TV Shows: Super Why, Thomas, Yo Gabba Gabba
Movie: Cars (okay this is the only movie they’ve actually watched)
Candy: Chocolate

Subject: Alphabet (he knows the letters and is working on the sounds)
Toy: Trains
Thing to do: Play trains with Ezra
Place have been: Arizona, Colorado, California, New Mexico, Oklahoma, United Arab Emirates, Ethiopia
Place to be: beach
Place I want to go: Gamma’s house

Person: Mommy
Hero: Daddy
Time of Day: When daddy’s home
Song: If you’re happy and you know it
Drink: apple juice
Treat: Marshmallow
Vacation: Disneyland

Don’t Separate Them

Over the weekend Noah and I were reading books and Matt and Ezra left to get dinner. I guess Noah didn’t realize what was happening and this is what happened after about 5 minutes and he couldn’t find his brother.

looking for Ezra from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.

He is saying Ezra if you can’t translate through the crying. Oh and don’t worry I picked him up and we cuddled until Ezra got home.

New Cameras

After a friend posted pictures her kids took, I immediately asked her which camera they had. She told me about this camera and how durable it was. I began watching ebay for a good deal since I wanted to buy two. I finally found two from one seller and got my deal. They arrived yesterday and the boys have been snapping away. Matt and I love looking at their pictures even though they are graining and a ton of them are all black. Ezra is really getting it down and was doing good aiming it this morning. Noah just loves pushing buttons. I just hope he stops putting the flash against his eye and pushing the button.

Here are a few of our favorite pics so far.

Learning their letters

Last summer we bought the boys one of those kids’ laptops at a consignment store as a special toy for our long drive to Colorado. They played with it off and on after that and then a couple months ago they really started playing with it and not just pushing buttons.

The laptop teaches letters and phonics, I never really thought much about it. Until we were at a neighbor’s house and Noah was playing with their magnetic alphabet and started telling her the letters.

Yes they learned their letters from an electronic toy! I was going to start working with them closer to three, but I guess they are ready now. They love to point out letters everywhere we go, even while driving they read the building signs.

They have a favorite letter and it is W! When Ez first started saying it, it sounded more like “double U.” For a few letters they say the object associated with the letter instead of the actual letter. S is “sunshine.” H is “hippo.” J is “airplane,” it is a jet on the laptop, but they know all flying objects as airplane. Ezra’s ‘k’ is “cake,” it took me a while to figure this one out since “kiss” is the word association on the laptop. The laptop says “k” and then does the “k” sound immediately after and it sounds just like cake.

They don’t know all the letters yet, it is quite obvious they had some favorite object associations in on the laptop.