Strep Again

Poor Noah has strep throat again. (Luckily he seems to be the only one this time. *fingers crossed*) We actually had no clue he was sick. He had a lack of appetite, but we just thought he was being a three year old. On Friday morning he was fine, maybe a little tired but happy and played well. We even went to lunch with Papa where he played his little heart out. When we got home he was almost immediately stricken by stomach pain. Since it was Friday and I didn’t want to deal with urgent care I decided to see if the doctor could get us in and they could.

She immediately thought strep throat, but then become worried when Noah was clearly in severe pain. We tried to get urine for more tests but no luck. She told me if the pain didn’t subside and he developed a fever to take him to the Children’s hospital. She was now worried about appendicitis.

I made my parents pick up Ez and had Matt come to the doctor’s office because I couldn’t take anymore of Noah’s pain. Matt was just what Noah needed, he fell asleep in Matt’s arms. Which the doctor took as a good sign and we were sent home and told to just take his temp regularly.

Noah wanted to go to daddy’s office while I got his prescription filled. He perked up when he got to play with the ipad by himself. He had one more hour long bought of severe pain when we got home and we almost left for the hospital, but he never did get a fever. Two doses of antibiotics and he is on the mend.

Ezra was very upset he couldn’t help take Noah to the doctor, but he ended up having a great afternoon with Gamma, Papa, and Abby.