Photo Friday – 02.11.2011

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My Messy Boys

Last week Ezra and I were busy looking for a missing toy and Noah found a tub of lotion and got a spoon from the kitchen. Luckily he had opened it on the tile, so when Ez and I wondered upon him I let Ez join in for a bit.

Noah rubbing it in, yea this was some strong smelling lotion in large quantities!

Hooray they both have spoons now!

Stirring it up.

At least they were willing to clean it up!

Here is a short video of Ez skating on the lotion. He did really good and didn’t fall once. (He must have his daddy’s balance!) Wish I would have started taping earlier.

Skating on lotion from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.

Photo Friday – 01.21.2011

Photo Friday – 01.14.2011

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First Snow Day

We took the boys up to Papa and Nama’s cabin yesterday to see some snow. There was a lot of it too, over a foot! It was soft and fluffy and not really good for making snowmen or snowballs, but it was still fun. Noah kept taking his mittens off so he could more easily grab the snow for snacking. They also just kept digging in the snow, I wish I would have thought of bringing their sand toys up, they would have had more fun with those. I think they enjoyed the snow and tolerated the cold okay. It was a fun way to start of the new year!

You see more pictures here. You can also just click on one of these pictures to enlarge and scroll through them.

Video Friday – 12.31.2010

I thought I would change things up a bit this Friday and share some videos instead.

We gave the boys bikes for Christmas, we thought they would be excited.

Just ignore your presents from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.

Trying out the sit ‘n spin from Papa and Nama.

Sit n Spin from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.

I was trying to get the boys to say “Happy Birthday Abby,” but this is all I was able to get.

Silliness from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.

Checking out our new hand me down boots and thought a game of peek-a-boo would be fun.

Mirror Peek-a-boo from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.

If you would like to see some pictures from Christmas head over here.

Photo Friday – 12.24.2010

Cleaning up a mess he made.

Goat and a cookie, what more could a boy want?


Throwing one epic fit at the church's living nativity.

Noah's face just cracks me up.

Checking out the cat who recites the Night Before Christmas.

They love it.

Doing a bowling ball somersault. Yes they figured this out all on their own.

Working on somersaults together.

The joy of completing one!

Somersault action shot!

Playing legos is hard work, you need a pillow for added comfort.