1 Day! 1 Day! 1 Day!


I am so excited!  Only one day left until the boys legally become ours!  (Yes I know there is a chance it won’t happen tomorrow, but I am trying to be optimistic.)  Sometime while we sleep tonight a judge on the other side of the world will decide the fate of our family.  She looks at all the information given to her by us, our agency, the orphanage, and the Ministry of Women’s Affairs.  If one piece of paper is missing or incorrectly filled out we will be rescheduled.  I am optimistic though that everything is done correctly and will be there.  I am so excited to possibly being able to share our boys with everyone tomorrow.  Please say a prayer tonight that we pass court and that we find out tomorrow that we passed.  There isn’t always power in Ethiopia and our agency could have trouble getting the news to us, so pray that they can.

3 days!!!

Court day is almost here!

3 things keeping me busy while I wait

1.  Spring Cleaning

2.  Organizing the boys stuff

3.  Spending lots of quality time with my man.  🙂

5 days!

Only 5 more days!  I am so excited.

5 things I cannot wait to do with Noah and Ezra

1.  Cuddle

2.  Laugh, I cannot wait until they fill our house with laughter

3.  Read, I hope they get my love of books

4.  Bake (I know I might have to wait a little bit on this one, but I plan on starting them young)

5.  Garden, I cannot wait to share my love of gardening with them

7 Days!

One week left until court!  Can you believe it?  I thought today I would share 7 reasons I think Matt will be an awesome daddy.

1.  He is fun, he loves to play.  (see day 8 )

2.  He is creative.  I can’t wait to see the games he and the boys invent together and the creations they will make.

3.  He is loving.  He is great at giving comfort when you need it.

4.  He is excited about teaching them things.  I cannot wait to watch him finally get to share with the boys all the things he wants to teach them.

5.  He is involved.  I know he will be a very hands-on, involved dad.

6.  Just the right amount of strict.  He will be a good disciplinarian, but not too tough.  😉

7.  Values.  He lives out his values and expects the boys to do the same.

9 days

9 days until Ezra and Noah’s court date.  Since I am a worry wort, I thought I would share 9 prayer requests.

1.  That the boys stay healthy

2.  That all the paperwork is done correctly and turned in on time for court and that we pass on the first try

3.  That we receive a May 28 Embassy date, June 11 is the next possibility after that, and I am done with waiting, plus we kind of purchased plane tickets (I know, I know not the best idea)

4.  That we are able to stay at the House of Hope, they only have two rooms and it is looking like 10 families will be traveling when we do, but I would really love to stay there

5.  Safe travels (you mean we have to fly over the polar ice cap?  seriously freaked out!)

6.  Sleepy babies on the flight home 😉

7.  Health for Matt and I

8.  That Abby’s upper GI goes well on Thursday (hey not everything involves Noah and Ezra, I want their cousin to be in tip-top shape for their arrival)

9.  My Grandpa’s health

Baby Shower #2

Me and the cloth diaper cake

Yesterday I had a wonderful baby shower and received some wonderful things for the boys.  I had a great time celebrating the soon to be arrival of Noah and Ezra.

Of course, a few games were played.  The most entertaining being the toilet paper diaper game.

The winners (they finished before the time limit and even put bows on their diaper)

All the diapered bottoms (my mom was in charge of the one on the left, note to self don’t let her diaper the boys)

Me holding the “quilt” Kimberly B. made for me

The quilts her mom made the boys, she even put their names and birthdate on the back (she encouraged me to color code the boys, Ezra is green, Noah blue)

The very chocolaty cake

The silverware my Grandma used with my dad

The now very messy nursery

I have a ton of organizing to do in the nursery!  Thanks to everyone and their very generous gifts and donations.

Okay totally not related to the shower, but Matt took new pictures of Abby last night and this is my favorite picture.  She is too cute!

Two Weeks!

OMG I have been freaking out lately.  Only two weeks until court and then after that two weeks, one day until we travel!  I am getting so excited, anxious, and nervous.  I am starting to feel a little unprepared, even though we have been preparing and waiting forever, I don’t feel like I know enough or have everything they need.  I am, of course, most worried about the flight home.  I have been worried about this since we started the process and now that the day is drawing near I am getting scared.  I have never even packed a diaper bag for a short outing, but now I have to pack for two infants and a total of 33 hours and 26 minutes of travel time (flight and layovers).  Can anything really prepare you for that?

Okay beyond freaking out about travel, I am totally excited to meet my boys!  I cannot wait to cuddle them, give them kisses, smell their little heads, watch them sleep, and hear their giggles.  

We just can’t wait to be with them.  🙂

Also, I cannot wait to share their pictures with you.  Please keep our court date in your prayers.  I really want to share them with you in two weeks.

On a side note, if you haven’t been to our site in a while because you read blogs in a reader program, Matt added a new countdown to the top of the sidebar.  At the time of this post:  28 days, 23 hours, and 34 minutes until we leave for Ethiopia.

One month!!!

I am starting to feel like this might actually happen!  We have been keeping ourselves busy preparing for the boys and doing stuff we think we won’t have time for once they are here.  The nursery is pretty much ready, house projects are getting done, and we are trying to have as much time together as we can.  The next 30 days are filled with church events, mountain biking, trail running, a baby shower, house projects, doctor appointments (couple more shots), home study visit, and a couple of trips to the vet, and maybe even a movie.  

We know a few more families traveling before our court date and we will be receiving a steady stream of updated pictures.  Seeing new pictures of the boys every few weeks sure makes this wait a little more bearable.  Please keep Noah and Ezra’s health and our court date in your prayers.

Update and Pictures

We received an update and pictures of the boys today thanks to a traveling family.  We learned they share the same crib and are in 0-3 month clothing.  Still so tiny!  She also said they were healthy looking, strong, and super sweet.  I wish I could share the pictures with you.  Only 32 days until court, hopefully I can share pictures on then.

1st Baby Shower

Matt and I had our first baby shower yesterday. (I am a lucky girl and get to have two. 🙂 Matt gets to babysit for my second one, oh no he might actually have to change a diaper, Eric you’ll have to help him with that.)  The one yesterday was thrown by our church. We did take our camera, but didn’t really get any good pics, except of the cake (Matt did manage to get two bad profile shots of me, thanks honey!). Lesson: if you want pictures of your shower hand your camera off to someone!  The boys did receive some lovely gifts.  Everyone was excited to see their pictures and ask lots of questions.  We had a very nice time and are very grateful that everyone already loves our boys so much.

The Cake

Memory books and Frames

Sippies, bottles, dinnerware


Snugglies and onesies

Diapering accessories and pacifiers   

Bath accessories

Good Day :)

I received two messages today regarding the boys. 🙂 One from our agency informing us that Ezra has a follow-up appointment with the surgeon on Saturday and that they hope to get us more information after the appointment. The second one from a traveling family. Misty and Dan just got back from Ethiopia with their little guy and sent me this message. (I am only a little sad that I didn’t know the boys were going to be moved to the HOH in time for their visit so no photos.)

Hey Stephanie,
We got to see your babies. Soooo beautiful! I’m sure that it has been hard on you to be so far away knowing that Ezra was going through so much. I just wanted to let you know that they are both in great hands. All of the nannies and Almaz and Tsegay love the children SOOOO much. They were both up in the middle of the night several times and back and forth to the hospital taking care of him. They assured us that he is doing just fine now. I am so excited for you guys to get to go meet them and bring them home. But until you do, know that they are sooo soooo loved at House of Hope.
Hope the time passes quickly for you!

It was so nice to get a message from another parent. It really made my day. 🙂

Today is also my mom’s birthday. Happy Birthday mom! Hope you have a wonderful day. Just think this time next year you get to chase three toddlers around for your birthday.

One Year Six Months

Today marks one year six months since we started the journey to adopt our two precious children. We are beyond excited that this journey is almost over and cannot wait to meet our adorable twin boys.

This weekend was by far the hardest for me, Matt did fine, but I was worried, yes even after we got the news Ezra made it through surgery just fine. It was so hard being so far away and knowing Ezra was in the hospital. 🙁 I did not like it at all. I know he is in good hands and I am doing much better with it today. I tried some retail therapy over the weekend, but all I bought were outfits for the boys, and it made me miss them more.

Then another mom at church who has 15 month old twin boys gave me some hand me down twin items. 🙂

I’ll be honest here and tell you about the top outfits. I pull them out of the bag and hear Matt laughing and was super confused and I am sure looking quite puzzled, all I could say was I don’t get it. Yep, Matt had to explain it said SNAP!

Carter testing out the pack and play