Noah at 3

Noah is serious and shy, but also fun loving. Ezra is the only one that can get a true belly laugh out of him. He loves everything to be done correctly and perfectly. He is strong willed and persistent. He is also loving, kind, and thoughtful. He takes very good care of his brother and loves to take care of mommy. He loves learning, drawing, and music.

Color: red
Sport: T-Ball
Animal: Bugs
Food: mac and cheese
Book: Green Eggs and Ham
Season: Anytime we can play outside

Restaurant: One where he can get a dessert
Holiday: Christmas, Halloween
Weather: Rainy (I’m just putting this because they get so excited when they see rain)
Cereal: Oatmeal (poor kid doesn’t know anything else)
TV Shows: Super Why, Thomas, Yo Gabba Gabba
Movie: Cars (okay this is the only movie they’ve actually watched)
Candy: Chocolate

Subject: Alphabet (he knows the letters and is working on the sounds)
Toy: Trains
Thing to do: Play trains with Ezra
Place have been: Arizona, Colorado, California, New Mexico, Oklahoma, United Arab Emirates, Ethiopia
Place to be: beach
Place I want to go: Gamma’s house

Person: Mommy
Hero: Daddy
Time of Day: When daddy’s home
Song: If you’re happy and you know it
Drink: apple juice
Treat: Marshmallow
Vacation: Disneyland