Random pics

I’ve had these two pics saved on my desktop forever meaning to add them to the blog, but never have. They are from last February/March?

Super Firefighter Ez
Super Firefighter Ez
Noah driving
Noah driving

Photo Friday – 02.17.2012

Yep I’m going to try to bring it back, but I give no guarantee.

<3 how they think real mail is an email thanks to Elmo.

Photo time

I’ve been bad about regularly updating the blog, but am going to try to get better. This our journal of the boys’ lives after all.

photo friday 11.11.11

Photo Friday – 05.20.2011

Photo Friday Catch up!

Oops it has been a while, did you miss these cute faces?

You can see even more photos here.

Photo Friday – 04.01.2011

I didn’t drag out the camera much this week so I included some cell phone pics. Also I really need to learn how to take pictures better in the area we have their little pool set-up.

Photo Friday – 03.18.2011

Photo Friday – 03.11.2011

Wow it has been a month since I have done a Photo Friday!

Photo Friday – 02.11.2011

Remember you can click on the first picture to see the whole picture, scroll, and see the captions.

Photo Friday – 01.21.2011

Photo Friday – 01.14.2011

Just click on the first picture and scroll through to see the pictures full sized and with my semi-whitty commentary.

Photo Saturday – 01.08.2011

Just click on the first photo to scroll through and see the subtitles.