Last day of school 2014

What a great year. We decided to let them do one more year of preschool instead of sending them to kindergarden early. They really loved this year, made lots of great friends and learned a ton while having fun, both at school and in the afternoons at home.


First Day of school back in September


First Day of school back in SeptemberDSC01483

First Day of school back in September


And the Last Day:   DSC02434 DSC02436 DSC02440 DSC02441 DSC02442 DSC02444

Ezra at 5


Color: blue and black
Sport: Soccer and football
Animal: dogs and cats
Food: Carrots and water and cereal
Book: Dinosaurs
Season: Winter
Restaurant: Ethiopian
Holiday: Halloween
Weather: Snowy
Cereal: Mommy’s Granola
TV Shows: Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer
Movie: Incredibles
Candy: Chocolate crackers
Subject: Alphabet
Toy: Firetrucks and police cars
Thing to do: Play firetrucks
Place have been: Arizona, Colorado, California, New Mexico, Oklahoma, United Arab Emirates, Ethiopia
Place to be: Parks
Place I want to go: Gamma and Papa’s
Person: Gamma and Papa
Hero: Daddy
Time of Day: Morning
Song: Abc’s
Drink: Apple Juice
Treat: Popcorn
Vacation: The Beach

View from the backseat

Yesterday Ezra took their camera to show and tell. He took pictures on the way home and I enjoyed seeing the world through his eyes.

His eyes
His eyes
His almost smile
His almost smile
What the poor kid probably sees most of the time!
What the poor kid probably sees most of the time!

Ezra is officially a bike rider!

Ezra has been able to pedal for a while, but he couldn’t get started on his own. He finally figured it out yesterday and is one HAPPY boy!

He quickly graduated to wanting to learn to jump things.

Ezra at 4

16 copy

Color: pink
Sport: baseball
Animal: sheep
Food: peanut butter and jelly
Book: the Bible
Season: Winter
Restaurant: Wendy’s
Holiday: Thanksgiving
Weather: Sunny and warm
Cereal: Mommy’s Granola
TV Shows: My Little Pony
Movie: Incredibles
Candy: Halloween Candy
Subject: Alphabet
Toy: Firetrucks
Thing to do: Play cars
Place have been: Arizona, Colorado, California, New Mexico, Oklahoma, United Arab Emirates, Ethiopia
Place to be: Gamma and Papa’s
Place I want to go: Gamma and Papa’s
Person: Firefighter
Hero: Rescue Heroes
Time of Day: When daddy’s home
Song: Phineas and Ferb Cd
Drink: Strawberry juicde
Treat: Candy Cane
Vacation: The Beach

Photo by Rachelle Tucker Photography

Ezra can pump!

I was inside putting dinner in the crockpot and went back out to check on the boys. Ezra had finally figured out pumping on the swings!

Nutrition Goals

This morning the boys were playing with their yogurt instead of eating. So we had yet another conversation about how food isn’t a toy and it is to nourish our bodies so we can grow big and strong. The boys usually also talk about it giving them energies like Plex, but today Ezra had a different response that made me giggle.

“It will help you grow so much bigger, so you can get coffee.”

Good goal my son. 🙂

I have told them repeatedly they have to be big to get coffee.

Jesus walked on water, but why?

A couple of weeks ago the boys learned the story of Jesus walking on water at Sunday School. On the way home we were asking what they had learned that day and Ezra informed us that Jesus walked on water because he was scared of the boat. As evidence by Ezra’s craft from the day. 🙂

Lost balloon

Hamburger please.
Corn dog please.

On Friday we took the boys to Sonic for lunch. (our sonic is not a drive up) Apparently I was feeling a little crazy because it was hectic. We spilled an entire drink, lost a corn dog to the floor, and push the button to call the waitress way too many times. She was super patient though and even gave the boys balloons.

When we got home I took the weights (ketchup packets) off the balloons so they could play with them inside, also so I didn’t have ketchup squirted all over the house. Well at some point in time they decided to take them outside and I hear Ezra, “mommy come look my balloon is flying way away!” I then had to explain it wasn’t coming back. When I put him down to nap he was very hopeful and talking about how maybe some birdies would find it and bring it back. After nap I hear him, “mommy look birdies!” Then very sadly, “they don’t have my balloon.” Poor kid was even hopeful the next day when he saw a plane and thought it would have his balloon.

It was sad to see, but I really loved his hope and imagination.

Ezra at 3

Ezra acts shy at first, but once he knows you he is a ham! He loves to be silly and is free spirited. He likes to do things “outside the box.” He really likes to help mommy and daddy. Tormenting his brother is one of his favorite things to do. Don’t worry he also loves making Noah laugh too. He loves music, music, and learning. (yea I know I put music twice, he really loves it.)

Color: green, blue, orange
Sport: He just loves to play
Animal: Cats, dogs
Food: muffins
Book: The Bike Lesson
Season: Anytime we can play outside

Restaurant: Anyone with french fries
Holiday: Christmas, Halloween
Weather: Rainy (I’m just putting this because they get so excited when they see rain)
Cereal: Oatmeal (poor kid doesn’t know anything else)
TV Shows: Super Why, Thomas, Yo Gabba Gabba
Movie: Cars (okay this is the only movie they’ve actually watched)
Candy: Chocolate

Subject: PE
Toy: Trains
Thing to do: Play trains with Noah
Place have been: Arizona, Colorado, California, New Mexico, Oklahoma, United Arab Emirates, Ethiopia
Place to be: beach
Place I want to go: beach (seriously he asks several times a week)

Person: Mommy
Hero: Daddy
Time of Day: When daddy’s home
Song: Going on a Train Ride (ygg) he sings it all the time
Drink: milk
Treat: Marshmallow
Vacation: Disneyland

Potty training has become a reality

We first tried potty training over a long weekend back in February. It was a complete disaster and the boys were frustrated, so we went back to diapers with plans to potty train in the summer. We had a couple of trips planned and were going to wait until the middle of August before worrying about it.

Well Ezra just up and decided he was done with diapers and wanted undies this weekend. He even went to church and did just fine. He had one accident Sunday night, but other than that he did great.

New Cameras

After a friend posted pictures her kids took, I immediately asked her which camera they had. She told me about this camera and how durable it was. I began watching ebay for a good deal since I wanted to buy two. I finally found two from one seller and got my deal. They arrived yesterday and the boys have been snapping away. Matt and I love looking at their pictures even though they are graining and a ton of them are all black. Ezra is really getting it down and was doing good aiming it this morning. Noah just loves pushing buttons. I just hope he stops putting the flash against his eye and pushing the button.

Here are a few of our favorite pics so far.