Abby’s B-day

Abby turned two December 31 and had her b-day party at Chuck E. Cheese this year. All the kids had a lot of fun and all the adults were thoroughly wiped out.

Happy Birthday Abby!

Morning out with Nama and Papa

This morning Nama and Papa took the boys, Abby, and me out on a little adventure. We went to see Santa at Bass Pro shop (but he wasn’t there, apparently he isn’t there all the time), but we did see lots of animals and fish. All three little ones had a lot of fun and all three adults were thoroughly worn out. We then went to Chik-fil-a for lunch, where all three refused to eat (who refuses to eat chik-fil-a?), and then Ezra fell off the play structure giving himself a bloody nose and fat lip. Here are some pics, the boys even got in a little volunteer time (someone even put money in the bucket while they were ringing the bell, then someone else put the candy that was in his mouth in the bucket, but I won’t name names).

Photo Friday – 11.19.2010

Scored a hockey stick at a garage sale, Noah loves it.

Nana bought them a singing Christmas tree, to say they love it would be an understatement.

Cool Noah

Carter found a new hiding place.


The reason they had stuff on their face in my blog about the COC. Matt thought I need to clarify.

Really yummy stuff.

Pumpkins make good step stools.

One of those days.

We taught Abby how to color on herself.

Then we combed her hair.

and then Nama's hair.

2nd Birthday Party

Running around in circles while dancing and screaming

We had the boys’ birthday party yesterday and it was a beautiful day. We had a lot of fun and the boys were WILD. I think they were super excited to have so many of their favorite people all together.

My wild but happy Noah

Ez was super wild the whole party

Abby all tangled with the balloons

Ez reading a card, he really loves cards.

The boys received trikes from Nama and Papa (my parents) and it is one of those moments I wished we had the video camera rolling. They were beyond excited when they saw them.

Ez on Noah's trike

Noah on Ez's trike

Ez driving Noah around

Abby driving Noah around, yea I am noticing a theme here.

Ez blew out all the candles this year, Noah just stared and occasionally tried to touch them.

Mr. Potato Head Cakes

Ez blowing out his candles

Noah checking out the candles

Ez came over and blew them out for Noah

Silly String Time

Noah shooting Ez

Abby apparently thought we gave her spray deodorant

Abby and Jason

We were all exhausted by time nap-time! You can see more photos here.

Photo Friday – 11.05.2010

Yes he grabbed two lighters and shared with his brother, and yes we took a picture before taking them away. That's what the child safety part is for right?

Noah doing his hair.

Sitting and playing. Okay Ez is almost sitting, but it's hard when your brother is hogging the toy!

Get ready.


That just doesn't look comfortable.

Arm, arm, arm? Okay he says arm instead of hand.


Abby's just chillin'

Just hanging out.

Cousins having fun.

Someone has been needing his blanket more.

DSC_4261 Blankets in the swings.
Happy to have is blanket.
Don’t mess with his blanket.

Lastly a short video of Noah reading to mommy. He loves reading to me. 😀

Noah Reading from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.

Halloween 2010

Cleaning the pumpkin together.

Ez loved it.

He takes after his mommy and likes playing with the guts. 🙂

Noah didn't have the same love. It's on my foot!

But he did like the blue bowl. 😀

Michelle and Jason working hard.

Carving away.

Ranger/zoo keeper found some wild animals.

Hooray! We got them to put the heads on for one picture. 🙂

Trick or Treat!

Photo Friday – 10.29.2010

Put lotion on himself.
Playing with Abby.
Let's just say I am now out of nutmeg.
Their favorite book right now. The Itsy Bitsy Spider.
Attack of the Ezra!
Happy, Happy
The two cutest jack-o-lanterns ever. 🙂

Pumpkins at the Botanical Gardens

The Desert Botanical Gardens had a little pumpkin patch this weekend.  Unfortunately to get to the pumpkin patch you had to do a hayride and the line was about an hour long.  With three antsy toddlers we decided to skip that part.  We had a nice time running around the garden and seeing some pumpkins on a truck.


Ezra ran so much!

What do you think is so much fun?

Water of course!


I need to hold this?

Almost got a shot of him looking at the camera and smiling.

Happy girl.

She reminds me so much of her daddy in this one.
DSC_3455 (1)

Why do I have to sit here?
DSC_3451 - Version 2

Three toddlers in one photo?  No one is ever looking.

Chuck E. Cheese

Yesterday Grandma took the grandkids (plus her kids) to Chuck E. Cheese. It was the boys’ first time and they had a ton of fun! We were very lucky and had the run of the place. We played several games and no one was injured by the skee balls Abby was chucking. Noah loved putting the tokens in the machines, pretty much a game for him. Ezra road a couple of the rides and only got scared once.

Cheese 😀

But why did grandma go back outside?

Come back Grandma!

Hooray we all fit!

The boys loved this game. Putting balls in a bucket is a lot of fun!

Wait who was supposed to be watching Abby?

Photo Friday – 07.02.2010

Busy Texting

It's for you!


First swim of the summer.

His man-bag.


Cellphone and a drink, he's ready to drive.

My children are weird, it is HOT, why are blankets necessary?

Momma's shoes

Climbing in the toy box

That's it he is cooking dinner from now on!

Another helper, or someone who just wants to climb?

Water fun.

Noah figured out there are shelves in the cabinets

Ez had to give it a try.

Photo Friday – 06.18.2010

Uncle Jason has his phone out, get it!

Abby 🙂

Abby giving carter some love



I put him in time out for 1 minute, I came back to this.

Yummy corn.

Cheesy, corn face?

Mom you want a bite?

Sweet corn and brothers, can life get any better?

First harvest of the summer season!

Photo Friday – 04.16.2010

Ez in a cabinet
Mom Ez is stuck in the cabinet.
What is on my hands?
Sock hands are super cool.
That's a hat!
Climbing the solar oven, because that's why it's there.
Love the tongue.
Seriously concerned. Trust me they were going at a snail's pace.
Pretty much sums up a three toddler photo shoot, just do your own thing kids.
The thing they found most interesting at the park.
Almost caught them together.
Ez pondering
Noah pondering