Quiet play

The boys don’t really play quiet all that often, but they have been engaging in more quiet play activities. I just might be loving it. It doesn’t last for a super long time, but does add a nice break or two in our day. Their current favorites are Mr. Potato Head and Puzzles.

Solving the puzzle together.

Ez really likes the animal puzzles

Eating his creation.

Hard at work.

Sometimes we borrow some of Mr. Potato Head's accessories.

Just Add Water

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous, 83° and sunny. The boys have an extreme fascination with water, so I set up a little homemade water table with stuff we had in the backyard. They had a blast!


Rainy Monday Morning

If there is one thing worse than a rainy Sunday, its a rainy Monday.  Mondays are the hardest day of the week for me, simply because I am spoiled over the weekend with all the extra help.  This morning it was rainy and wet outside, so we stayed inside, because we live in Arizona and we don’t know what do to in the rain and we don’t own any rain gear.  The boys decided they would work in the kitchen this morning and this is what it looked like just before nap:

Sorry it’s blurry I didn’t realize Matt had used a setting on the camera that I am clearly not ready to use.  I could not walk in the kitchen with out tripping over something, toddlers, toys, pots, bowls, tupperware.  The floor is now clear and the sun is starting to break through the clouds, we might just get to play outside this afternoon.

Rainy Sunday

This afternoon was rainy and the boys woke up from nap cranky.  We needed something different to entertain them.  We decided to set up their giraffe tent.  We all had a great time and a lot of laughs.  The best part, we ended up with two exhausted, happy boys at bed-time.

Helping daddy set it up
Playing in the tent
Crawling through the tent
Checking out the net sides
Carter "killed" the giraffe
Ezra realized he could crawl in the neck when the giraffe was down

First Flag Football Game

Today the boys had their first flag football game.  Our church was having a game for moms and sons and Matt was volunteering and well I am a mom with sons, so we went and had fun.  We went out for pizza afterward, which the boys loved.

Noah eating some graham crackers on the side line
Ez was confined because he is a runner and really liked the looks of the lake
Clapping for his team
Noah and his daddy

Photo Friday – 02.26.2010

Bucket heads
Who's under that bucket?
Hanging out underneath the grill
Tending to the carrots
Prepping the garden beds
Sleeping, one leg escaped
I showed Ez how to use a step stool to reach stuff in the kitchen
Playing his xylophone
Think he is trying to tell me something? "mom let's go OUTSIDE!"
Big Ez in a little box
Looking at pics of mom and dad
It was seriously captivating
Nothing but the safest play area for our little ones
Air guitar?
Playing the piano with the cat
I think I will just lie down

Outside! Outside! Outside!

The boys love to be outside. LOVE. Good thing the weather this time of year is near perfection and we also love to be outside. We spent the bulk of time outside yesterday. Matt and I did a little yard work and the boys “helped.” Yard work takes significantly longer with two little helpers. 🙂

Caged Ez
Ez holding the twine
Noah "edging" the lawn
Wanna see me tongue?
So happy
Me and Ez
Sidewalk chalk time - choosing our colors
Ez chose to eat the purple
Noah chose to eat the blue
Good job Noah! You are quite advanced in your art skills.
Chalk Butt
Banging the chalk
Coloring mom's shoe

*Please ignore the snotty noses, we wiped and we wiped, but we are teething and there is a ton of allergens in the air.

Fun at the park

Last week we went to the park for a play date with the fabulous Ms. S and her mom. I spent most of the time keeping the boys from eating an endless amount of sand, then thankfully the swings opened up!
No I wasn’t eating more I promise!
You really want me to stop eating sand?
One day soon they will be trying to climb this.

Swinging from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.

Their swing styles really shows their little personalities quite well. Notice how Ezra is leaning forward poised for action and Noah is leaning back enjoying being pushed by mom.

Baby It's Cold Outside

The temperature dropped very drastically here yesterday and we actually had to break out the boys’ warmer clothes.  Matt took them for a walk last night, we put them in hoodies for the first time and also had to put a blanket over them.


Apparently the hoodies make their heads too heavy to look up at daddy!


Ezra saying, “I am going to get you!”


Got you!


Standing over his brother, yes I said STANDING!  He has been working on this new trick all week and is getting very good at it.

Sharing & General Cuteness


I caught the boys sharing these Mr. Potato Head lips the other day.  They would take it from each other and then giggle, oh how I wish they would take that feature into toddlerhood and then childhood.


His eyebrows always make me giggle!


Nothing like chewing on stuff together.


Oh the camera!


Enjoying the Mr. Potato Head lips

Rice Box Fun


Sometime during the never ending heat of the summer I remembered an idea I had read online forever ago, an indoor rice box.  This idea was to get through the long, cold winter.  Since we don’t have those I thought I could use the idea to get through the long, ridiculously hot summer.  Rice is better than sand for at least two reason, eating it not so bad and easier to clean up.  Yes the boys still make a giant mess and it goes every where, but not nearly as bad as sand would.  All you need is a tote with a lid, under the bed sizes work great, and rice.  I bought one of the giant bags from Sam’s Club.  The boys like making an mess and it gives them something different to do.

They have lots of options:


eating the rice box toys,


playing with the rice in or out of the box,


and swimming in the rice,

not pictured, splashing in the rice, lots of fun for the boys and very messy!