Rainy Monday Morning

If there is one thing worse than a rainy Sunday, its a rainy Monday.  Mondays are the hardest day of the week for me, simply because I am spoiled over the weekend with all the extra help.  This morning it was rainy and wet outside, so we stayed inside, because we live in Arizona and we don’t know what do to in the rain and we don’t own any rain gear.  The boys decided they would work in the kitchen this morning and this is what it looked like just before nap:

Sorry it’s blurry I didn’t realize Matt had used a setting on the camera that I am clearly not ready to use.  I could not walk in the kitchen with out tripping over something, toddlers, toys, pots, bowls, tupperware.  The floor is now clear and the sun is starting to break through the clouds, we might just get to play outside this afternoon.