Photo Friday – 06.25.2010

9:40 am and out cold!

Noah getting surprised.

Can you now guess why Noah was surprised?

Noah getting squirted.

Now getting squirted by himself.

They made themselves a mud-hole.

I'm all wet and muddy, can I please get in your lap?

Again?!? I can't tell if he loves or hates it, because he gets mad, but then he keeps doing it.

Ezra seeing if mommy is telling through truth when she said that was ouchie.

Carter's new spot, underneath the play structure.

Grandpa and a laptop, what could be better?

Ganging up on him of course!

A boy and his (neighbor's) laptop!

Ez knows what he wants.

Helping clean up the oil slick he caused.

Mom do we really have to wait for them to cook?