Laminator Deal

I heard about this deal over at Tot School and thought I would share with you. I was also in the midst of setting up affiliate links with amazon for another project I am working on (more on that later) and thought I would give them a test spin here. I promise I will not be bombarding you with links to buy stuff through me to make money! You can get the Scotch Laminator for $31.49 and 50 Laminating Pouches for $10.30 and then send in for a $20 mail in rebate. So a laminator and pouches for $21.79! I am finding with toddlers I am wanting to laminate a few things and recently had four sheet laminated at a local store and it was $1.75 a sheet! It’s probably cheaper at an office supply store but we don’t have one nearby. Thanks for letting me test out my links on you.