Random Memories

“I was looking for taffi and she came out of your bedroom and went outside, I went outside with her and I saw the moon but I couldn’t go up to the moon.”
The late night adventures of Ezra continue.

“Take your boat elsewhere, that’s the dance floor.” – Me

Noah, “I wish I could have a dragon.”
Ezra, “yea, but we can’t bring one here. Hey Mom, why can’t we bring a dragon here?”
Me, “ummm.”
Noah, “Come on mom, some are baby dragons and don’t breath fire, PLEASE!”

So Ezra asked for some words that started with x. Me, X-ray, xerox, zebra.

Noah and I were laying in bed relaxing. Ezra crawls up with blankie and a pillow. Next thing I know he is standing over Noah, whacking him in the face with the pillow, saying “does this feel like a dream?” Then they both erupted in giggles.

Must be greeting close to beach time. The boys decided to help “pack” sunscreen by smearing it all over themselves.

The boys are in the living room.
Ezra runs in to tell me, “Mommy, someone is staring at me!”
Me, “What? Like a person?”
Ezra, “Yes he is looking right at me!”
Me, “Where? Show me?”
Ezra points to the person, it was Jackson the cat.
Cats are people too.

Ezra never says ‘I love you’ to me. This evening he ran into the kitchen, gave me a huge hug, and said “you know I love you mommy!” (July 16, 2013)

Does anyone else immediately wonder “was it my kids?” when they get an email from vbs stating that the fire alarm inadvertently went off today? (it wasn’t!)

Ezra, “mommy watch this!”
Me, “you just asked for a sandwich. Do you want me to watch you or make your food?”
Ezra, “I want you to do both.”

Things that snuck into my cart while I wasn’t looking, cabbage and lettuce. My kids are weird.

Me: asleep
Ezra: mommy, I’m going to read a book in bed so you can sleep!

Ezra’s latest middle of the night hijinks- He go on my computer and texted daddy’s phone.

Woke up at 3 am to find a blanket on the floor next to my bed but no kid. Went to check their room and the door was locked, unlocked it and both kids were sleeping soundly. Asked them this morning and Ezra said he just wanted to put the blanket there and that he locked to door so the blanket didn’t come back. Kids do weird things in the middle of the night. I wonder what else goes on around here.

Last day of school. Noah was named the class mathematician and Ezra the class scientist. So proud of them. (preschool 3’s class)

When two little boys are jumping up and down shouting, “someone is here! Someone is here!” next to the little window by your door, you can’t just ignore the solicitor who rang the doorbell.

I’m going to be sad when the boys stop calling goggles gargoyles.

The boys just locked me in the chicken coop. How long until Matt notices? (thankfully it wasn’t too long)

Laying in bed listening to the boys play over the monitor and I just heard, “this is going to be even more dangerous!”

“That boy can hold a conversation!” – the tree trimmer’s thoughts on Ezra

I love waking up to giggling boys, but … 3:30 am was a little ridiculous.

Fun happenings

Noah had a wedgie and came up to me, “mommy fix butt.”

Ezra’s new thing is to tell me “mommy hold you” and then when I pick him up he tells me where to take him to 🙂 Guess walking can be difficult at his old age.

Ezra spotted one of Factor 1’s logos at the house and said, “It’s daddy’s name!”

Me in my serious tone, “Ezra Yakob…” him, “mommy Yakob!”

Matt put Ezra in his room for a time out and when he went to get him out he was naked. Apparently this is his new protest strategy.

The other day I put them down for nap and heard Noah saying, “diaper back on.” Went in and both of them had nothing but t-shirts on.

Out of context Ezra, “Ezra hold ho.”

Noah handed me the teeniest, tiniest amount of play-doh and requested I make an elephant.

I took the boys safety rails off their beds because they don’t need them and Ezra walked in and said, “mommy broke bed.”

Noah was sitting on the little potty and Ezra was on the big potty and I hear, “ready, set, go.”

Noah wanted me out of his hair so he told me to “go cook.”

The boys were just getting on the couch and I overheard, “okay let’s cuddle.”


Ezra was calling me, “Steph-a-dee, Steph-a-dee” tonight at bed-time. I asked him what daddy’s name was, “Awesome.” 🙂

On another note both boys peed in the potty tonight! I think Noah was more excited for Ezra, he really cheered for him. Then Ezra ran around the house like a crazy person screaming, “Ezra did it!” 🙂

Little Moments

One of Noah’s favorite jobs is cleaning up dead bugs, he use a little broom and dust pan. He was dumping one in the trash can when I hear Ezra say, “Bye bug, love you bug.”

Ezra wasn’t eating his chicken one night at dinner, so I snuck a bit off his plate. He looked at me, “Hey that’s my chicken!”

I was singing Ezra’s favorite song “I’m so Happy” and he looked at me and said, “I’m so happy off.” I guess he didn’t appreciate my rendition.

Ezra randomly walked up to me at 11 am and said, “Ezra’s turn to have ice cream.”

I told Noah we were having hotdogs for dinner and he turned and gave Ezra a big hug.

One morning the boys were asking for cookies for breakfast and I said we don’t have any cookies (also we don’t have them for breakfast) and Noah responded, “Cookies Mema’s house.”

Cute sayings and other fun stuff

Ezra is a little confused. Every time Matt says, “Let’s wrestle!” He runs of looking for “wrestle.” Yes he confuses wrestle with puzzle. So if Ezra asks to wrestle, he might want to just do a puzzle with you.

The other day Noah came walking in funny and said, “Taffi poop, Taffi poop.” So I checked the bottom of his feet, he had simply walked through some mud. 🙂

The other night we were coming home from picking up pizza for dinner and Noah was whining for a drink, we told him he would get one when we got home. Ezra shouts out, “I want a beer!”

When we are out and about I often say, “don’t touch other people’s cars.” The boys now say, “no people’s cars.” Last night the boys were eating cookies and Noah randomly said, “no people’s cookies.”

Noah dropped a book between his bed and the wall it has Larry and Bob in it. When Matt retrieved the book Noah said, “Yeah Larry Bob safe!”

Me, “Ezra are you poopy?” Ezra, “no poop.” me, “are your sure I smell something?” Ez, “no smell!”

Ezra has also recently said the following:

“Seriously wow.”

“I want to hold you mommy.”

“mommy pretty girl.” (pretty sure Matt trained him on that one.)

“Abby pretty girl.” (he wasn’t trained on this one)

He says “I love you mommy.” almost every time he leaves the room.

The little things

I am going to try my best to start documenting more of the little moments here on the blog. This is the closest thing they have to a life book, so I better start writing!

We were grocery shopping and they were talking boisterously. I leaned in and whispered, “You guys need to find your inside voices I think you lost them.” Then Ezra in his LOUD voice, “aaaaahhhh.” At which I giggle, because I know he did this just to get a rise out of me and giggling seemed the more appropriate response.

Later the boys started bonking heads and then asking for kisses because it hurt. I gave them their kisses and then said if they did it again on purpose they wouldn’t be getting kisses from me. They decided to start “petting” each others heads nicely.

They love the M&M people they have at the store (child sized M&Ms holding bags of the candy) and loudly shout “hi” to them when they see them.

At the checkout Ezra notices a magazine cover, the model is in a bikini with a button down shirt over it but not buttoned. He immediately starts shouting, “shirt off, shirt off!” He is an observant one. 😉