Cute sayings and other fun stuff

Ezra is a little confused. Every time Matt says, “Let’s wrestle!” He runs of looking for “wrestle.” Yes he confuses wrestle with puzzle. So if Ezra asks to wrestle, he might want to just do a puzzle with you.

The other day Noah came walking in funny and said, “Taffi poop, Taffi poop.” So I checked the bottom of his feet, he had simply walked through some mud. 🙂

The other night we were coming home from picking up pizza for dinner and Noah was whining for a drink, we told him he would get one when we got home. Ezra shouts out, “I want a beer!”

When we are out and about I often say, “don’t touch other people’s cars.” The boys now say, “no people’s cars.” Last night the boys were eating cookies and Noah randomly said, “no people’s cookies.”

Noah dropped a book between his bed and the wall it has Larry and Bob in it. When Matt retrieved the book Noah said, “Yeah Larry Bob safe!”

Me, “Ezra are you poopy?” Ezra, “no poop.” me, “are your sure I smell something?” Ez, “no smell!”

Ezra has also recently said the following:

“Seriously wow.”

“I want to hold you mommy.”

“mommy pretty girl.” (pretty sure Matt trained him on that one.)

“Abby pretty girl.” (he wasn’t trained on this one)

He says “I love you mommy.” almost every time he leaves the room.