The little things

I am going to try my best to start documenting more of the little moments here on the blog. This is the closest thing they have to a life book, so I better start writing!

We were grocery shopping and they were talking boisterously. I leaned in and whispered, “You guys need to find your inside voices I think you lost them.” Then Ezra in his LOUD voice, “aaaaahhhh.” At which I giggle, because I know he did this just to get a rise out of me and giggling seemed the more appropriate response.

Later the boys started bonking heads and then asking for kisses because it hurt. I gave them their kisses and then said if they did it again on purpose they wouldn’t be getting kisses from me. They decided to start “petting” each others heads nicely.

They love the M&M people they have at the store (child sized M&Ms holding bags of the candy) and loudly shout “hi” to them when they see them.

At the checkout Ezra notices a magazine cover, the model is in a bikini with a button down shirt over it but not buttoned. He immediately starts shouting, “shirt off, shirt off!” He is an observant one. 😉