Fun happenings

Noah had a wedgie and came up to me, “mommy fix butt.”

Ezra’s new thing is to tell me “mommy hold you” and then when I pick him up he tells me where to take him to 🙂 Guess walking can be difficult at his old age.

Ezra spotted one of Factor 1’s logos at the house and said, “It’s daddy’s name!”

Me in my serious tone, “Ezra Yakob…” him, “mommy Yakob!”

Matt put Ezra in his room for a time out and when he went to get him out he was naked. Apparently this is his new protest strategy.

The other day I put them down for nap and heard Noah saying, “diaper back on.” Went in and both of them had nothing but t-shirts on.

Out of context Ezra, “Ezra hold ho.”

Noah handed me the teeniest, tiniest amount of play-doh and requested I make an elephant.

I took the boys safety rails off their beds because they don’t need them and Ezra walked in and said, “mommy broke bed.”

Noah was sitting on the little potty and Ezra was on the big potty and I hear, “ready, set, go.”

Noah wanted me out of his hair so he told me to “go cook.”

The boys were just getting on the couch and I overheard, “okay let’s cuddle.”