How kids handle their nightmares

I find it really interesting how kids handle their dreams and nightmares differently. We have entered that stage of nightmares and screaming wake ups. Actually Ezra started months ago during the summer. He would wake up thinking there was someone in the room.

So Stephanie found an idea from another mom, that we asked Ezra to take that dream, and give it to us. We would hold out our hands, then take the dream out of the room to “throw it away”. That really helped Ezra. He would generally calm down, and be done with it.

Last night was Noah’s first screaming nightmare. An alligator in bed. I think he has been watching too much of the classic Disney film “The Rescuers” featuring the bad characters pet aligator henchmen. So I tried the same thing. I stood there with my hands open and asked him to give me his dream. He said “Where?, How Daddy?”. I said from your mind, close your eyes and pretend to hand it to me. He does. Then as Im holding my hands closed, he freaks out “DADDY! YOU ARE DRIPPING IT ON MY BED!”.

Just so funny how one boy accepts the idea and thinks its great, while the other questions its logic, and if it will even work.

Ohh what did work you ask? I asked noah to describe to me the dream. I drew it. Black and white, with a lime green alligator in his bed. I asked him to crumple it up, He refused to even touch the paper. So I took it and made a ball, took it to the fire place, and burned it. He really enjoyed seeing the paper writher away to ashes, and I hope it helps future nightmares.