Beach 2014

So we went to Imperial Beach in early June as we usually try to every year. Stayed in a great condo on the beach, visited Lego land and enjoyed a very quiet tim on the beach.

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Last day of school 2014

What a great year. We decided to let them do one more year of preschool instead of sending them to kindergarden early. They really loved this year, made lots of great friends and learned a ton while having fun, both at school and in the afternoons at home.


First Day of school back in September


First Day of school back in SeptemberDSC01483

First Day of school back in September


And the Last Day:   DSC02434 DSC02436 DSC02440 DSC02441 DSC02442 DSC02444

two riding boys

It’s official, Noah and Ezra are bike riding machines! They have been on the scoot bikes (no pedals and limited steering  since 2, and they did get pedal bikes about a year ago, but were still a little too short to reach the ground well.

They were on training wheels for a few months, mainly because getting started was tough. Ezra usually would just ask for a push so he could skip the self start. It clicked last week, and Noah was quick to follow. Now they ride for at least an hour a day, sometimes two.

Watch out world, We are riding every where and going mountain biking with daddy soon.


Noah concentrating hard



What our cul-de-sac looks like on a regular basis.




Look at ezra catching a little air on our ramp.


How kids handle their nightmares

I find it really interesting how kids handle their dreams and nightmares differently. We have entered that stage of nightmares and screaming wake ups. Actually Ezra started months ago during the summer. He would wake up thinking there was someone in the room.

So Stephanie found an idea from another mom, that we asked Ezra to take that dream, and give it to us. We would hold out our hands, then take the dream out of the room to “throw it away”. That really helped Ezra. He would generally calm down, and be done with it.

Last night was Noah’s first screaming nightmare. An alligator in bed. I think he has been watching too much of the classic Disney film “The Rescuers” featuring the bad characters pet aligator henchmen. So I tried the same thing. I stood there with my hands open and asked him to give me his dream. He said “Where?, How Daddy?”. I said from your mind, close your eyes and pretend to hand it to me. He does. Then as Im holding my hands closed, he freaks out “DADDY! YOU ARE DRIPPING IT ON MY BED!”.

Just so funny how one boy accepts the idea and thinks its great, while the other questions its logic, and if it will even work.

Ohh what did work you ask? I asked noah to describe to me the dream. I drew it. Black and white, with a lime green alligator in his bed. I asked him to crumple it up, He refused to even touch the paper. So I took it and made a ball, took it to the fire place, and burned it. He really enjoyed seeing the paper writher away to ashes, and I hope it helps future nightmares.

10 years of awesome

im a pretty lucky guy to have this awesome woman as my wife. Better yet it has been 10 years and I still love everything about her.

Sweet moments gone toddler

Growing up

Noah and I (matt) are cuddling on the couch.

Noah: Daddy, when i grow up, i want to be like you…
Me: Aww thanks dude
Noah: Then i will be like Rexy (Their 5′ tall pink inflatable dinosaur)
Me: Umm Okay.
Noah: Then I will grow up more, and be like Noah.
Me: That’s a good plan.

The Tub

Ezra: Daddy I like Baths
Me: Great!
Ezra: Sometimes i pee in the water

Noah’s Ark

Ezra was reading this bible and when he got to the page with Noah and the ark.

Ezra: Then he made a rainbow out of Jesus.


Stephanie was in the kitchen, the boys were in their playroom, and it got quiet.

Stephanie: “Are you guys being good in there?”
Noah: No, we are not.


Christmas 2011

Great christmas and a two very excited boys. Noah & Ezra have really been very excited in a genuine way this season. Not about presents, but about the presence of it all. Its very refreshing to see their joy and outlook on the season.


As always. we took a ton of photos. Here are some of our favorites. Click to enlarge. No comments for now, just too many fun moments.