Today for the 4th day of advent we made Epsom salt candle holders. We used a little Modge Podge, 2sticky toddlers, some colored epsom and some little tea lights.

Noah & Ezra turn 3

It’s hard to believe, but our wonderful boys are 3!. They are getting so big and so smart. They count to 30 with little issues, say please and thank you very well. If anyone sneezes or coughs within 20 feet of them they immediately say bless you. They know their ABC’s like the back of their hand, and even draw some letters and numbers when coloring. I love how quickly they are figuring stuff out. They still love thomas the train and lightening mcqueen. They spend a lot of time playing fiarly well together, trains, cars, mud in the back yard, riding bikes, and jumping off of stuff. They are still brothers and toddlers so they do have their moments, but all in all they are wonderful little boys.

We spread their birthday out a bit over the weekend. Train themed birthday party on sunday, complete with a kid sized track and wall tunnel. They boys loved it.

Then on to the cake! All week they kept wanting their fire. Not just candles, they wanted their very own fire to blow out. It was funny.

Monday (their actual birthday) We went to the zoo. They had a great time seeing some of their favorite animals. As always we took a few pictures to share!

photo friday 11.11.11

Boys sure like to jam

A glimpse into our future teen drivers

Currently, we are jamming on some unique versions of ABCs and Old MacDonald’s wild farm.

You heard right, a dolphin, that makes elephant noises, and a giraffe.

First Disney Trip!

This last week we spent the week in southern california with papa, gma, jason, michelle, and cousin abby. We had a blast, got to meet micky, ride some rides, and generally had a blast. We went to the beach the next day for some relaxing water time.


We took a few photos. Just a few.


Funny quotes 3

Ezra says to Noah, while both are riding laps in the house on bikes: “Hey Noah, go fast, go really really fast. It’s easy!”

Noah while in time out: “Noah, clean up this mess right now!”  (yes, he made a mess, but glad he wasn’t cutting himself any slack.

“28, 29, 2010, 2011, 2012…” – noah counting past 29.

“Daddy get iPad, daddy plays letter games”  Yes, thats what daddy does with the ipad.

“Ezra let taffy out! I sure did!” – ezra

We’ve been working on first and last names with the boys. They know their names and mommy’s names and we taught them daddy’s name one night. Matt asked them one more time what mommy’s name was. Ezra enthusiastically shouts, “Bingo.”

Ezra was pretend pouring drinks. He was giving me cup after cup of milk. After a while I went to the bathroom, and I hear a knock at the door, “Stephanie” me: yes, “Want a beer?”

‎”That’s great Ezra. That’s cool buddy!” – Noah

The boys are serving us food and I pointed they didn’t give daddy a cookie, Ezra, “daddy go poop get treat.”

During a Cowboys game I accidentally shut the tv off adjusting it, Noah in his your in big trouble voice, “Mommy, back on, Noah watching Cowboys.” That’s my boy. 🙂

‎”jump Ezra, jump, here hold my hand. Yay you did it!” overheard while they were supposed to be napping.

“there is a cow in our wall” – Ezra

Canvas Prints

Stephanie and I really enjoy seeing some of our favorite pics on canvas. Seems like a classier way to showcase large prints, without breaking the bank. We have a few canvases in the house of our favorite wild subjects. Usually black and white, but we have been wanting a few color ones too.

So perfect timing, Easy Canvas Prints asked us to demo their work at an 8×10″ size. We found a good photo and sent it off.  We used a family photo from the botanical gardens last fall that our friend Tara at third book photography (now in portland) took for us.  We chose color on a 3/4″ frame, with a black edge wrap.

Turned out great.


We love the print, and the photo, colors and texture were great. I will note that when using a group shot, the canvas texture may show on close inspection to create odd skin details. Mainly because the canvas texture is so heavy, that on a 1″ face will show a lot of texture for small facial features. This is pretty much the same on every canvas we have seen, So more of a general photo to canvas note. Step back 4 feet and its fine.


* Disclaimer. We did receive a free print from Easy Canvas Prints with the intention of a review. We Did not let this skew our opinion of the product, and we would indeed buy from them again.


Check out these awesome canvases!
Easy Canvas Prints


Beach Day 1

Got to Oceanside. Its so nice, and low 70s. The boys got to play in the sand and the ocean. Ezra loved it, Noah got knocked down by a few waves and we had one massive wave out of the blue that caught us off guard that kept him out of the water for a bit. Hoping he gets over it more today.


Berry Picking

The Boys spent the weekend with Gma and papa at the cabin, They saw squirrels, a horned toad, and a tarantula! They rode the ATVs, ate a ton of mac & cheese and had a good time. We all went berry picking on sunday before bringing them home.

Ezra lasted about 10 minutes of dealing with thorns and finding the ripe ones. But lets just say Noah was in heaven! He was eating them as fast as he could pick them. Being the little genius that he is, he figured out mommy was picking faster, and had a large, full bag already going. So he moved on from the bushes to just getting handfulls out of moms bag. We think he ate a pound of raspberries in 20 minutes.


Boys glad to be home

We had a great vacation, and time with family in Colorado, but the boys always love coming home. I think they feel like they have to play with everything and re-connect with toys, animals and unwind.

In less than 30 minutes our house went from super clean and in order to this:

Two trikes, a scooter, lawn chairs, a slide, table from the playroom, all 4 chairs from the playroom, thomas trains, 2 different puzzles, drums, a guitar, 2 back packs, 3 stuffed animals and various plastic fruit items. All spread out across the living room in less than 30 minutes.

Ezra was so excited to see his trike that he got stuck on the play table, and dragged it across the house like a trailer. Nothing was gonna stop him.