Noah & Ezra turn 3

It’s hard to believe, but our wonderful boys are 3!. They are getting so big and so smart. They count to 30 with little issues, say please and thank you very well. If anyone sneezes or coughs within 20 feet of them they immediately say bless you. They know their ABC’s like the back of their hand, and even draw some letters and numbers when coloring. I love how quickly they are figuring stuff out. They still love thomas the train and lightening mcqueen. They spend a lot of time playing fiarly well together, trains, cars, mud in the back yard, riding bikes, and jumping off of stuff. They are still brothers and toddlers so they do have their moments, but all in all they are wonderful little boys.

We spread their birthday out a bit over the weekend. Train themed birthday party on sunday, complete with a kid sized track and wall tunnel. They boys loved it.

Then on to the cake! All week they kept wanting their fire. Not just candles, they wanted their very own fire to blow out. It was funny.

Monday (their actual birthday) We went to the zoo. They had a great time seeing some of their favorite animals. As always we took a few pictures to share!