Canvas Prints

Stephanie and I really enjoy seeing some of our favorite pics on canvas. Seems like a classier way to showcase large prints, without breaking the bank. We have a few canvases in the house of our favorite wild subjects. Usually black and white, but we have been wanting a few color ones too.

So perfect timing, Easy Canvas Prints asked us to demo their work at an 8×10″ size. We found a good photo and sent it off.  We used a family photo from the botanical gardens last fall that our friend Tara at third book photography (now in portland) took for us.  We chose color on a 3/4″ frame, with a black edge wrap.

Turned out great.


We love the print, and the photo, colors and texture were great. I will note that when using a group shot, the canvas texture may show on close inspection to create odd skin details. Mainly because the canvas texture is so heavy, that on a 1″ face will show a lot of texture for small facial features. This is pretty much the same on every canvas we have seen, So more of a general photo to canvas note. Step back 4 feet and its fine.


* Disclaimer. We did receive a free print from Easy Canvas Prints with the intention of a review. We Did not let this skew our opinion of the product, and we would indeed buy from them again.


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