Boy antics

The boys were in their room for quiet time and I heard interesting noises. Went to check Ezra had opened the window, popped out the screen, and tossed down a bunch of blankets and pillows for a soft landing spot.

“Come on girls hop in my firetruck.” Noah
“You get the boys.” Noah to Ezra
“No I want to get the girls!” Ezra
“Come on girls get in my firetruck.” Ezra

Noah locked me outside so someone could get his step stool and try to sneak Halloween candy.

During quiet time I heard shouts of “it’s a hang glider!” I thought nothing of this until I heard, “maybe we should ask mom.” Walked in and Noah was holding his curtain rod. I was then informed “but we needed to be Diego.”

During quiet time the boys played doing laundry, they cutely hung stuff up on their beds to dry. Of course, the “laundry” was actually wet, and the humidifier was empty. 🙂