Funny Quotes – VIII

This is how Noah introduced himself to a stranger at the park:
Hi I’m Noah. That’s my daddy his name is daddy. That’s my brother he hits me a lot.

“Oh daddy, you’re making fire trucks! Yippy skippy!” Ezra

“Mommy it’s kinda of dark out.” -Ezra
“Yea it’s going to be cloudy and cooler the next couple of days.”
“Yea and it’s going to snow!”-Ezra

“Some pretzels are ripe, some are not.” – Ezra

When I was leaving to get my pedicure Noah asked, “are you going to be gone for 5 days?”

“I’m applesauce! I go with the food.” – Ezra

“It’s not Ezra day. I thought it was Ezra day.” Proclaimed Ezra madly when he got in trouble.

“If there’s a fire in my room, go outside and stay outside. Don’t stop for food.” – Noah

“Firemens need to put all their toys away so they can get ready for rescuing.” – Ezra