Monthly archives: July, 2007

My Dad in the News!

My dad made the local newspaper and it wasn’t for anything bad!…

ice cooling t-shirts – now available

inspired by the one and only kamal (currently of germany soon to be vegas). ohh yeah, it a great shirt inspired by environmentalism, a love for inner-city youth, ohh and ice hockey (why did I put that last?). shirt reads: trice as nice on ice bringing ice hockey to inner-city youth and cooling corporate buildings…

Ice Cooling

There was an article on today about ice cooling. It is a pretty interesting alternative to air conditioning. CNN Article

Junk Mail

Anyone else think their time could be better spent than sorting, shredding, or recycling all that junk mail?…

Matts Summer Reading

Time to add to my summer reading list. these are a must. The Official Rock Paper Scissors Strategy Guide – Oh yes. One cannot throw down until he knows the ways of the hand. Written by Douglas and Graham Walker, “leaders of the World RPS Society and organizers of the annual RPS International World Championship.”…


We finally got some rain last night in Maricopa! We received two tenths of an inch (I know some of you in other states are laughing at this), plus all the other summer storm goodies, a dust storm, lightening, and thunder. It had been over two months since we had received measurable rain, so needless…

My Garden Lessons Learned

My garden this last season was less successful than I would have liked, but I take with my failures some valuable lessons learned….

Buy Local

I have heard a lot to buy local, it is better for the environment because there is less transportation involved, supports the local economy, and tends to be organic. I had one problem with that, there was not a good selection of local produce at the local grocery store. It was hit or miss on…

Bottled Water

I thought for my first blog post I would introduce you to one of my biggest pet peeves: disposable, plastic water bottles.  According to a July/August 2007 Fast Company Article, Americans spent more money last year on bottled water than on ipods or movie tickets: $15 billion.  That figure is staggering to me.  If the…

California to build 'world's largest' solar farm

I like california. I dont really like the mass amounts of people, traffic, or weirdoes. But the fact that they are building the largest solar panel farm in the world is pretty cool. Full Story here:


So its official. The wii came tuesday. I’m pumped. The last 4 days have felt like I was six years old again, counting down the days till Christmas. That UPS guy could not have come soon enough. I have not been this excited about a video game in a long time….

hey its our blog

so i can finally stop joking about having a blog. i hope we can keep this up to date for family and friends.