My Garden Lessons Learned

My garden this last season was less successful than I would have liked, but I take with my failures some valuable lessons learned. My tomatoes produced a bountiful crop, but I had accidently purchased a golden cherry tomato variety, yep yellow tomatoes, while they were good they were not as sweet as I would have liked, and frankly I got sick of them after a while. Next year I will plant more of a variety of tomatoes, so I don’t have to eat the same kind all season long. My peas died rather quickly, but the few I was able to eat were quite tasty. I learned my watering technique was at fault here, I was watering with the shower setting on the hose nozzle, which gets the whole plant wet, and I now know that causes mildew in peas. My jalapenos are still growing very well, but I have been unsuccessful at harvesting them at the proper time. They were overgrown by my tomato plants and have been neglected by me. My peach tree sadly died before summer began, it had a good crop on it too, but it suffered from over-watering at first and then under-watering when the drip-head broke and I failed to notice it, oops. Lucky for me the nursery is replacing it this fall! My carrots and green onions just did not turn out, I am thinking they maybe needed firmer soil because they came out soft. My lettuce and radishes both grew well and were good. My cilantro just didn’t live, and I have no idea why, and Tank ate my dill, silly dog. Yesterday I picked my first perfectly ripe fig, not a dot of sun-scorch, all the other figs have ripened too fast or had major sun-scorch, so this was a huge accomplishment. I ate that fig this morning and it was delicious! This one simple fig made all my work worthwhile and helped me to look forward to my fall season of gardening.