Buy Local

I have heard a lot to buy local, it is better for the environment because there is less transportation involved, supports the local economy, and tends to be organic. I had one problem with that, there was not a good selection of local produce at the local grocery store. It was hit or miss on finding anything grown locally. I have been encouraged to see that both local grocery stores have increased their organic produce sections. But buying organic was only part of what I was looking for. Well today I came across an article regarding Consumer Supported Agriculture (CSA), I had heard something along these lines but had not bothered to research it much. I was interested in finding a local farm to support after reading the article, I was wondering if any such farms even existed in Arizona. I knew we had farms out here, but had never seen any with diverse produce. So, how does one find a local farm to buy produce from? I googled it and found a website that allows you to search by zip code or state:

Some of the benefits of CSAs:
• Delicious fresh produce. If you’re too busy to put down the laptop and pick up the hoe, CSAs are the perfect shortcut, and some offer home delivery.
• Less pollution. Only 10% of the fossil fuel energy used to generate food goes into growing it; 90% goes to ads, packaging, and transport.
• Support for local farmers. Small farms are an endangered species due to competition from big factory farms.
• Joining the organic revolution. Many CSAs source food from organic farms.

Interesting fact: Our food typically travels 1,500-2,500 miles from farm to plate.

Here is the article on CSAs: