So its official. The wii came tuesday. I’m pumped. The last 4 days have felt like I was six years old again, counting down the days till Christmas. That UPS guy could not have come soon enough. I have not been this excited about a video game in a long time.

The un-packing & set up:

  • It’s much smaller than I thought. Its smaller than a 1996 external CD-rom drive
  • Very nicely packaged, and super easy to set up
  • Controllers are heavier than I expected.

The play:

  • The controls are much more intuitive than you’d think
  • Games load really fast. even high graphics games like zelda, load faster than PS2 games ever did
  • Using both controllers is way cool
  • The Sports disc rocks. We had some friends over, and we played tennis, boxing, bowling and baseball for hours. Golf is fun, but not the most entertaining for a group. although i do enjoy its difficulty
  • Making Mii’s (Wii characters in the game) is probably a small game in itself. We all had a great time making charachters.
  • Chicken Shoot replaced the NES classic “duck hunt”. It has the same goofy play to it. Its fun, but its not hours of fun.
  • Zelda has a lot of long, drawn out, movie like scenes. The graphics are really pretty good, but i get tired of watching, give me a sword already!
  • I can not wait to get a racing game. The controllers are really cool, and I am sure the steering wheel action on the controller will rock. I think the plan is to get excite truck right away. maybe Need for Speed carbon (with muscle cars!!!).

The next morning:

  • OWWWWW my arms are sore.
  • So after playing for hours straight. My arms, shoulders and back are really, REALLY sore. Such a work out.

All in all, the wii rocks. it was rather hard to find. I spent a few months keeping my eyes open for one, with no luck. I ended up getting it in a bundle from buy.com, and it was a pretty good deal, even if i need to ebay / trade in 2 games.