Funny Quotes VII

“my tongue is a really good licker, he licks everything.” – Ezra

The boys were wanting to plan their birthday cakes today and I said, “I was thinking of making firetruck cakes. Would that be good?”

Them, “yes!”
Me, “What flavor would you like?”
Ezra, “firetruck!”
Me, “what would you like the firetruck to taste like?”
Ezra, “firetrucky!”

“the rain won’t stop growing.” – Ezra

Me, “Noah do you want salad?”
Noah, “no, just ketchup.”

“I’m going to be a mad pumpkin and tickle you.” Ezra talking to daddy

“yummy cauliflower!”
“I’m too full I don’t want to eat a cookie.”
Two sentences I never thought I’d hear from Noah.

“Ezra will you be my family?” – Noah
“I will!” – Ezra

The boys were playing a game at class and when the teacher said a tornado was coming they had to run into the play house. What were my boys screaming? “a tomato is coming, a tomato is coming!”

Noah to Matt, “can I smell your mustache?”

Ezra call quesadillas, quesaeatas.

“My room won’t clean itself.” Ezra

Ezra, “my bad.”
Noah, “huh?”
Ezra, “my bad means if you drop something.”

Conversation in the car:
“They’re firetrucks!” -Noah
“They’re also fire engines!” – Ezra
(this went back and forth for a while)
“They’re firetrucks, they’re not trains!” – Noah

Noah, “I like Halloween, Halloween is candy.”
Me, “Where’d you learn that?”
Noah, “From Santa.”

While I was still in bed I heard Noah shout, “Daddy is mommy still sleeping?”
Next thing I know he was next to me hugging me and said, “Daddy says you’re still sleeping.”

Nana, “what do bears do in the winter?”
Noah, “wear scarves!”

“I’ll go first then you’ll go first. That’s how we take turns.” Ezra

So I heard a helicopter fly over. Then I heard the boys screaming, “Help! Help! Help!” So I went to tell them they can’t just keep screaming that. Noah, “but it won’t stop, I want to get in it.”

Can I have some honey with bread on it? – Noah

“My other wheel is broken so I have to wait at the dentist.” -Ezra’s police car