Funny Quotes – VI

(Found this in the drafts folder, guess we forgot to publish. It’s from March – so you can have an idea of age.)

“can i be a fire fighter?” Ezra
“yes you can” me
“You can be a fire fighter when you’re old.” Noah

“There’s cars in our way we need a siren.” – Noah apparently frustrated with traffic

“You can’t wear a fire hat you’re a girl.” Ezra to a little friend of his (yep I was a little shocked, but then realized he’s only met male fire fighters.)

Ezra, “Noah you are a good friend.” Noah, “huh-uh are not.”

Ezra was just playing on the bathroom scale and said, “it’s your turn mommy.”
me, “I don’t want to.”
Ezra, “okay, that’s scary?”

“want to take our shirts off and dance?” Ezra to Noah.

Ezra: I want to eat a rabbit like a carrot.

Matt: hey boys we need to pick up Legos in 5 minutes. Noah: so we can wrestle? Ezra: yeah! That’s a good choice daddy!

“the poop is going to a party with other poops.” – Ezra on flushing the toilet