Halloween 2011

This was the first Halloween that the boys understood what was going on and it was really a lot of fun. We explained trick or treating on Saturday and Ezra was ready to go! When it came to actually doing it they were so shy and quiet. Which really shocked me because they talk to everyone when we go out.

We carved pumpkins on Sunday with my family. Went trick or treating and then went Gamma and Papa’s to show off our costumes, the boys helped hand out candy (I think they liked this the best), and then home to check out our candy.

The last couple of photos are some snacks I made for play school on Friday and some balloons we decorated with on Monday. We really had a lot of fun this year. Here are the glow balloons we used for decoration. The swamp juice recipe and the eyeballs (the fingers are just cheese and almonds, you can use a food safe marker or other decorating gel for the knuckles.)