Thomas the train ride

Just before the boys hit two, something clicked. Boom, thomas the train was the coolest thing ever, and they very quickly became obsessed. It was like someone flipped the little boy mode switch on. Everything was about thomas, and anywhere they saw that iconic blue tank engine, it required pointing it out and chattering about thomas.

We fueled the passion a bit by letting them watch a bit more TV, and the boys received lots of thomas stuff for their birthday and christmas. Little cars, shirts, undies, etc. Lots of thomas in our house, but we try and keep it reasonable.

When we found out that Thomas the Tank Engine has a touring full size car, train ride and a day of activities, we knew it would be a hit. Nama & Papa took the boys forĀ theirĀ first train ride, and to meet thomas. It was a long drive, but the boys loved it.