9 months!


Wow I cannot believe another month has passed by already.  Time is flying by.

They are changing so much and their personalities are coming out more every day.  Ezra laughs at everything, he is super giggly and ticklish.  Noah makes tons of different faces which always get a laugh out of mommy and daddy.  They have a favorite saying, “dadadadada.”  Yep all day long every day “dadadada,” hopefully momma comes soon!

Ezra is seriously considering crawling but isn’t quite there yet.  He rolls around quite a bit.  Noah just sits there and watches him.  We know Noah can move and rollover, because that is all he does in his sleep, but for the waking hours he is very sedentary.  They both now love the jumper and love to watch each other jump!



One of their favorite activities is playing banging the piano.  Seriously they love it!  It almost always helps when they are cranky.


They also love playing in the water, doesn’t matter if it is the pool or in the bathtub it is so much fun.

They eat a ton!  If you can’t tell by the above pictures, they are filling out nicely.  😉  Currently they are working on finger foods.  They have each gotten a couple pieces to their months, but most of them end up in the dogs’ tummies!