Outside! Outside! Outside!

The boys love to be outside. LOVE. Good thing the weather this time of year is near perfection and we also love to be outside. We spent the bulk of time outside yesterday. Matt and I did a little yard work and the boys “helped.” Yard work takes significantly longer with two little helpers. 🙂

Caged Ez
Ez holding the twine
Noah "edging" the lawn
Wanna see me tongue?
So happy
Me and Ez
Sidewalk chalk time - choosing our colors
Ez chose to eat the purple
Noah chose to eat the blue
Good job Noah! You are quite advanced in your art skills.
Chalk Butt
Banging the chalk
Coloring mom's shoe

*Please ignore the snotty noses, we wiped and we wiped, but we are teething and there is a ton of allergens in the air.

2 Replies to “Outside! Outside! Outside!”

  1. Hi Yall! Totally understand the noses running. The allergens have had us 3 since we got to MD in Nov! Supposedly it gets worse when the cherry blossoms bloom in Spring. We will see what happens then.

  2. I so relate to the runny noses, putting everything in the mouth (they seem to be doing this longer than other kids?), things taking so much longer, cloth diapers with two:) So fun to catch your blog again.

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