Silly rules

We have had to create a lot of silly rules in our house. Some of the best are worthy of sharing.

No Sleeping on your headboards
  • No hockey sticks on the bed
  • No guitars in the kitchen
  • Get your brother out of the ottoman before closing it
  • No standing on the sit and spin
  • No eating crayons
  • No crayons in your ears
  • Don’t park your bike in the kitchen
  • No sticking your hands in your drink
  • No hanging from the curtains
  • No “helping” with your brothers diaper change

I think its clear are little boys are all boy. Im sure there are more rules. We have to make up a dozen new ones every day it seems.

danger boys

my boys are such boys. They hijacked a cooler sitting out to dry and turn it into a game.

why we have a mattress in our living room you ask? daddy still needs to build out big boy beds, and this was a logical storage spot.

no toddlers were injured in the making of this film.

fresh hair cuts and muffins

check out these stud muffins. and home made muffins by mommy.

Sporting some new short hair cuts for the summer. Little boys looking so much like big boys.

Thomas the train ride

Just before the boys hit two, something clicked. Boom, thomas the train was the coolest thing ever, and they very quickly became obsessed. It was like someone flipped the little boy mode switch on. Everything was about thomas, and anywhere they saw that iconic blue tank engine, it required pointing it out and chattering about thomas.

We fueled the passion a bit by letting them watch a bit more TV, and the boys received lots of thomas stuff for their birthday and christmas. Little cars, shirts, undies, etc. Lots of thomas in our house, but we try and keep it reasonable.

When we found out that Thomas the Tank Engine has a touring full size car, train ride and a day of activities, we knew it would be a hit. Nama & Papa took the boys for their first train ride, and to meet thomas. It was a long drive, but the boys loved it.

My Messy Boys

Last week Ezra and I were busy looking for a missing toy and Noah found a tub of lotion and got a spoon from the kitchen. Luckily he had opened it on the tile, so when Ez and I wondered upon him I let Ez join in for a bit.

Noah rubbing it in, yea this was some strong smelling lotion in large quantities!

Hooray they both have spoons now!

Stirring it up.

At least they were willing to clean it up!

Here is a short video of Ez skating on the lotion. He did really good and didn’t fall once. (He must have his daddy’s balance!) Wish I would have started taping earlier.

Skating on lotion from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.


The boys love to pretend to put on makeup. One of the things I personally love about this age is no gender roles are established in their minds. Whatever mommy does is pretty cool to them. I don’t mind them pretending to put on makeup, I know they will grow out of it eventually. It doesn’t make them any less of a man.

Today while I was dusting in our bedroom, the boys snuck into our bathroom and shut the door. I let them be for a few minutes before I checked on them. The only thing they had gotten out was my makeup and were busy putting it on. I let them, and of course, I took pictures.

To fully enjoy the pictures, just click on the first one and scroll through.

2nd Birthday Party

Running around in circles while dancing and screaming

We had the boys’ birthday party yesterday and it was a beautiful day. We had a lot of fun and the boys were WILD. I think they were super excited to have so many of their favorite people all together.

My wild but happy Noah

Ez was super wild the whole party

Abby all tangled with the balloons

Ez reading a card, he really loves cards.

The boys received trikes from Nama and Papa (my parents) and it is one of those moments I wished we had the video camera rolling. They were beyond excited when they saw them.

Ez on Noah's trike

Noah on Ez's trike

Ez driving Noah around

Abby driving Noah around, yea I am noticing a theme here.

Ez blew out all the candles this year, Noah just stared and occasionally tried to touch them.

Mr. Potato Head Cakes

Ez blowing out his candles

Noah checking out the candles

Ez came over and blew them out for Noah

Silly String Time

Noah shooting Ez

Abby apparently thought we gave her spray deodorant

Abby and Jason

We were all exhausted by time nap-time! You can see more photos here.

Guessing Game

I took a picture yesterday and didn’t realized how zoomed in I was. I thought it would be fun to have a little guessing game with it.

Guess WHO it is and WHAT he is stuck in!