Funny Quotes X

“I have the hook-ups.” both boys say this when they have hiccups.

“My finger is all rumbly.” Ezra
“Rumbly?” Me
“yea the water did that.” Ezra
“Wrinkly!” Me

Ezra, “mommy I don’t know how to sleep.”
Me, “well you start by closing your eyes and mouth.”
Ezra, “but they keep popping open.”

“Duty calls!” – Firefighter Noah
“No, we say booty calls!” – Ezra

I was informed today that vanilla frosties are for when it’s sunny out and chocolate frosties are for when it’s REALLY sunny out and eyes water from the sun.

“Hey guys stop it! I’m trying to be difficult.” – Ezra talking to his toys

Ezra is flipping a coin and calling either rock or scissors.

Ezra, “we’re too young to go to garden school.”
Me after thinking for a bit, “do you mean kindergarden?”

Noah, “All that pizza made my tummy hurt.”
Me, “Pizza?”
Noah, “yea, pizza.”
Me, “We didn’t have pizza.”
Noah, “Oh.”