How I save all the recipes I find online

If you are like me, you love to find new yummy recipes to try. I find most of my new recipes from other people’s blogs. Apparently we all really like to talk about food, or just the people I follow do. :)

For the longest time I had no idea how to successfully organize the online recipes so I could find them when I wanted, I just had a folder on my hard drive that was a jumbled mess. I didn’t want to print them, because well then I would just have a jumbled mess of papers (okay I actually have several three-ring binders for this purpose, but was tired of wasting paper and organizing it). Enter my super, amazing husband who introduced me to Evernote. You can easily save, tag, make notes, and search recipes (okay it isn’t just for recipes that’s just my primary use). The best part it is FREE! It can cost money if you want to pay to have more monthly space, but really it isn’t necessary.

Do you want to see how easy it is? I took a few screen shots to show you. Just click on any of the images to see the picture bigger.

Highlight what you want to save, you can save the whole page if you want, but that takes more space.

Push the elephant on your browser, I have Safari.

How it now looks in evernote

How it looks after I have changed the title and added the tags I wanted

Searching for something for dinner.

The sidebar where you can have different notebooks to organize whatever you want.

My someday dream is to have all my recipes in evernote, no more three ring binders. I can either scan them in and add them or type up short ones.

Evernote is backed up online, so I have no fear of losing my recipes. You can easily delete ones you don’t like, or make notes on what you want to change. It is super easy and I LOVE it!