14 months!

14 months actually marks a big moment for us.  The boys have now officially been with us longer than without.  🙂

I am noticing I have not been taking as many pictures of them, I think it is due to the fact that I can no longer leave the camera in easy to grab places.  The boys are really into exploring the house right now and find all sorts of stuff to get into.

They both mastered the art of the snack cup this past month and are now a little obsessed.

Snack time

Ezra is practically running now and hardly ever crawls anymore.  Noah is working on learning to walk, he does great with your hands or a push toy, but isn’t willing to try balancing yet.  He can do it though, he took a couple of steps the other day, but then he was mad about it!

Clapping and peek-a-boo are still two of our favorite activities.  They also love books.  The joy of unloading kitchen cabinets was discovered this last month and my kitchen floor is a disaster each and ever day, but at least they let me cook or wash dishes while they make the mess.

Pants are overrated

No new teeth this month.  I suspect Ez might be working on his molars though, somedays he is really chewing on his finger in that area.  He is not a happy teether.  If Noah is working on any new teeth, we have no clue, he doesn’t let us know like his brother.

Ez loves making faces at the camera

They really love to make noise, when they are awake there is no silence.  They make all sorts of noises with their mouths, they bang on everything, and they like to drop things on the tile to see how it sounds.

Noah and his favorite person, Grandma, he refuses to share her!

They do almost everything together, but they are complete opposites.  Noah is much more contemplative and Ezra is all action.  Ezra thinks everything is hilarious, but with Noah you have to earn your giggles.

We have a ton of fun together and the action almost never stops, and we don’t want it any other way.