friday update. matt edition

“woah halloween is fun. candy is good!” was what we heard tonight from one cute kid while handing out candy. 

This is the matt edition of the friday update. so it’s probably not as in depth as stephanie would be.


same deal as the usual. no sibling referals this week. I think how it feels for us, and i feel bad for who ever is number 1 on the sibling list. they have been waiting a long time, and I hope they are matched with a sibling group soon!

Work outs

Stephanie has been doing lots of walking, and is still rocking on her push ups. Me, i kind of work on them. I have lost some motivation. not sure why, i do like the results so far. I’ve been back cycling on the road bike in wee hours of the dark mornings (with headlights!) a lot this week. I guess my road bike and i just need a relationship break. We are friends again. 


The garden is coming along. Maybe next week some pics may be needed. Things are still alive, and sprouting a bit more. 

Grass is coming in nicely for the winter rye


we carved some mean pumpkins with Steph’s parents & steph’s bro & wife. the results: