Friday Update – 9/5/08

Adoption Update: Our agency didn’t have any referrals this week, it has been since the week of 7/11/08 since the last set of referrals and probably none for the next couple of weeks.

Running and Push-Up Updates:  Same as last week.

Gardening:  I still have a ton of basil and didn’t want to dry it all to preserve.  A friend recently had asked me if I was going to make pesto with all that basil, I had never eaten (to the best of my recollection), let alone made it.  I found out it was pretty easy to make and I could freeze it for future use.  I tried this recipe and this recipe.  I made my pesto, froze most of it and then made myself this pasta:

It was pretty yummy!  I didn’t use cherry tomatoes because I had some full size ones from the garden to use and I forgot the peas, I don’t think they would have made a difference though.


I went to walk out the front door yesterday and about walked into a spiderweb that covered the top half of my door with a big fat spider sitting in the middle.  I had just been through the night before and there was no spider, but we did have a ton of bugs which were attracted to the porch light, so the spider was just being smart as to where to build her web, of course it ended up being a fatal choice.



She was pretty ugly and gave me quite a fright!