Yes we are alive here in the ATL!!!

I must say the flight from Phoenix to Atlanta was by far the roughest, scariest flight either Stephanie or I have ever been on. All was well for the first 2.5 hours. But there was bad weather in Atlanta, so we were forced to go to a “holding pattern” over Alabama for an hour. Holding pattern basically means flying in a circle. It wasn’t fun but nothing compared to what happened next.

Atlanta was currently shut down for the heavy rains, and the tornado warning. We were the first flight they let back in. It was by far the worst turbulence we have ever been through. There were moments were stephanie and I were holding on for dear life. I’m talking free falling, drop 2500 feet in 2 seconds (we had flight stats on the monitor in front of us) scary moments.

After we touched down, i realized i could barely feel my hands, and my arms and upper body were tingly. Not sure what that means, but probably not good for my body.

I cant imagine doing this with kids on a 14 hour flight.

Well we made it to Atlanta safely.

For those that dont know, We are here for a Church Planting conference as a vendor. We really hope and pray for some new clients here at this show. Over 500 people, and we get to meet some of our current clients.