Hurt Pride

My pride took a hit this afternoon. I had an errand that absolutely had to be run today (no I didn’t put it off to the last minute), and Matt had the car and it is kinda rainy out. It is not really raining all that bad, you could almost say it was misting. Anyway I was a little ticked that I had to ride my bike in the rain, I will say it, I had a bad attitude over nothing. So, I was riding my bike stewing when my phone starts to ring and I can hear Matt’s ringer (who I am currently peeved at because he didn’t do said errand even though he was way busy) and let’s just say I was a little distracted. There was also a tricky part in the side walk that I was riding at the same time my phone was ringing, basically the side walk ends unless you take a sharp 90 degree turn, not overly hard, but it was slick and I was definitely distracted. Well I caught just the edge of the side walk. Now if you have every just caught the edge of the side walk with a bike tire, you can probably guess what happened, I ate it big time. Oh and did I mention this was right at a stop light where quite a few cars were stopped. Oh the embarrassment of a grown woman wrecking her bike going less than 10 miles an hour (I was also wearing a bright red jacket not necessarily inconspicuous). Some nice man did ask if I was alright as I was trying to act like nothing happened. I limped off feeling like a total loser and called my husband back, who by the way was calling me to offer to come home and run the errand. Isn’t he a sweetheart? I now also felt like a fool for being ticked at him. The lesson learned here, don’t be ticked at your husband over nothing and it is not going to kill me if I get a little wet.

I also apparently did not learn the lesson of not letting go of my handle bars when falling yet because my left wrist is sore, but don’t worry mom it wasn’t as bad as the time that landed me in urgent care. Lesson to those who ride bikes: Learn to fall without letting go of your handle bars. You could avoid wrist injuries.

Anyone else want to share an embarrassing story?