Buy Nothing Day

I am not against shopping in general, but I do think Thanksgiving weekend shopping has gotten out of hand. This should be a time to celebrate and relax with your families, not spend hours in line trying to find that perfect gift. Some stores are even open on Thanksgiving now, which makes me sad for their employees and for the people willing to buy on these days. Is their family that bad to be around that they would rather go shopping? Please unless it is an absolute emergency never buy anything on a holiday. Everyone should be given the chance to celebrate with their families. Obviously people in emergency medical jobs will have to work, I can’t tell people to stop getting hurt or sick on holidays that is out of their control. My fondest memories of this weekend are eating, playing games, and decorating for the Christmas holidays. I would not have those found memories if my mom had gone out every Black Friday in search of the perfect gifts. In fact, those perfect gifts would probably long be forgotten. Please join me this year for Buy Nothing Day and do something fun with your family instead.