Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is my favorite holiday and I cannot wait to be celebrating with family, stuffing my face, and watching the Cowboys. I began to realize last night that watching the Cowboys made me a hypocrite in my last post because I am against people working on holidays instead of being with their families. I still am and would be more than willing for them to move one of my favorite traditions to the Friday after Thanksgiving so more people could spend the day with their families.

I would also like to share what I am most thankful for today. The short answer Matt. The long answer is he is the most loving, caring husband, he is always there for me, he knows just how much to push me to help me be the best I can be without going too far. He is always respectful, kind, and he can almost always make me laugh, sometimes he does think he is funnier than he is. You are amazing honey and I love you so much.

Please remember all that you have today and enjoy your family traditions. Feel free to post what you are most thankful for in the comments section.