Heard whispers, ‘do you want to be a puppy?’ Don’t worry they were taking turns.

Light Parade

Last Saturday we went to the boys’ first light parade. They had so much fun and were so excited the entire time. Everyone around was giggling at their excitement and also well aware of their LOVE of firetrucks.

One of the horses did his business right in front of where we were and for some reason that didn’t have a scooper following them. Can you imagine all the little boys’ delight at getting to yell, “watch out for the poop!” to everyone that followed?

Playing with glow sticks waiting for the parade.
Admiring snoopy.

Oh Christmas Tree

The most beautiful tree ever.

The boys LOVE Christmas. We LOVE their enthusiasm. Therefore they now have their very own tree for their playroom. They can decorate it however they want. They love it. We put it up last night and they insisted it needed a star, so daddy made them one. They thought their daddy was the BEST.

Decorating the tree
Yes you can hang a fire boot on it.

Birthday – 11.14.2012

On the boys actual birthday we celebrated with ballons, donuts, a tea party, and pizza for dinner. They also had their school friends over for some PB&J’s at lunch. They had a lot of fun turning 4, but ask every day if they are 5 yet. Stop trying to grow up so fast boys!

Balloon avalanche for the birthday boys

Happy Boy
(let’s just say Noah wasn’t dressed blog appropriate)

Birthday Donuts with candles!

Tea out of a real tea cup!

Tea party
After we had our tea party, they had their own.

Funny Quotes – VIII

This is how Noah introduced himself to a stranger at the park:
Hi I’m Noah. That’s my daddy his name is daddy. That’s my brother he hits me a lot.

“Oh daddy, you’re making fire trucks! Yippy skippy!” Ezra

“Mommy it’s kinda of dark out.” -Ezra
“Yea it’s going to be cloudy and cooler the next couple of days.”
“Yea and it’s going to snow!”-Ezra

“Some pretzels are ripe, some are not.” – Ezra

When I was leaving to get my pedicure Noah asked, “are you going to be gone for 5 days?”

“I’m applesauce! I go with the food.” – Ezra

“It’s not Ezra day. I thought it was Ezra day.” Proclaimed Ezra madly when he got in trouble.

“If there’s a fire in my room, go outside and stay outside. Don’t stop for food.” – Noah

“Firemens need to put all their toys away so they can get ready for rescuing.” – Ezra

Boy antics

The boys were in their room for quiet time and I heard interesting noises. Went to check Ezra had opened the window, popped out the screen, and tossed down a bunch of blankets and pillows for a soft landing spot.

“Come on girls hop in my firetruck.” Noah
“You get the boys.” Noah to Ezra
“No I want to get the girls!” Ezra
“Come on girls get in my firetruck.” Ezra

Noah locked me outside so someone could get his step stool and try to sneak Halloween candy.

During quiet time I heard shouts of “it’s a hang glider!” I thought nothing of this until I heard, “maybe we should ask mom.” Walked in and Noah was holding his curtain rod. I was then informed “but we needed to be Diego.”

During quiet time the boys played doing laundry, they cutely hung stuff up on their beds to dry. Of course, the “laundry” was actually wet, and the humidifier was empty. πŸ™‚

Birthday Celebration

We celebrated the boys’ 4th birthday yesterday! We had lots of fun and no shortage of fire trucks.

Noah is serious about his play.

My goofy boy.

Swinging with Abby.

Three little turkeys.


A fire station! An ambulance, a fire truck!

Happy boy.

Fire truck book!

Abby πŸ™‚

A truck! (Noah asked to learn how to drive the car for his birthday)

Happy Ez

All ready to drive.

Noah taking a swing at the piΓ±ata

Abby was serious!

Fire truck cake.

Oh daddy, you’re making fire trucks! Yippy skippy! – Ezra

My little firefighters.

Blowing out the candles.

Noah blowing out his candles

Halloween 2012

Too cool for pictures

I made Jonah and the Whale hold hands to cross the parking lot.

For preschool the boys needed to be Bible characters. I decided on Jonah and the Whale since that is their favorite story in their picture Bible. Thanks to fabric glue and the thrift store it was easy and frugal. Which is good because they stripped them off as soon as they got in the classroom.

For Halloween night they were… wait for it you’re going to be shocked… firefighters! Okay actually if you just know us via the blog you might be shocked but for everyone else you know they are obsessed. We had friends come over to join us in trick or treating and had a lot of fun.

Noah getting his beard on.

Ezra getting his beard on

Almost ready

Watching for Sydni

Sydni the hot dog.



Sydni and Jude

Silly boy

Fire safety discussion?

Ezra and Sydni

We were trying to get them to squeeze together so we said stand with your shoulders touching.

Smiley Ez


Ready for action

Trick or Treat!

Waiting patiently (sorta)

Nothing like refreshing swamp juice after trick or treating.

Pumpkins and Butterflies – 2012

Yay I got all three kinda looking at the camera.

Last week we went to the pumpkin patch at the botanical gardens. The weather was much nicer this year (80s, last year it was 100!). We had a lot of fun. Bonus this year they had a firetruck to look at!

Hay maze fun

Rule breakers!

Ezra showing me how strong he is

Petting a pig

Abby loved this miniature horse

Abby and Ez

Ezra refused to put down his drink

These boys and firetrucks, it is true love.

No smile, but I got all three.

They could have checked it out all day.

Abby showing off how strong she is.

Water! Funny story Noah accidentally sat on the pokey plants in the corner and then Abby started calling him Cactus butt.

Learning how to tell boy monarchs from girl monarchs.

Brothers πŸ™‚

Cousins πŸ™‚

Love his excitement

My attempt at getting a picture with them