Lost balloon

Hamburger please.
Corn dog please.

On Friday we took the boys to Sonic for lunch. (our sonic is not a drive up) Apparently I was feeling a little crazy because it was hectic. We spilled an entire drink, lost a corn dog to the floor, and push the button to call the waitress way too many times. She was super patient though and even gave the boys balloons.

When we got home I took the weights (ketchup packets) off the balloons so they could play with them inside, also so I didn’t have ketchup squirted all over the house. Well at some point in time they decided to take them outside and I hear Ezra, “mommy come look my balloon is flying way away!” I then had to explain it wasn’t coming back. When I put him down to nap he was very hopeful and talking about how maybe some birdies would find it and bring it back. After nap I hear him, “mommy look birdies!” Then very sadly, “they don’t have my balloon.” Poor kid was even hopeful the next day when he saw a plane and thought it would have his balloon.

It was sad to see, but I really loved his hope and imagination.

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