Funny Quotes – V

“I need milk for my mouth.” – Noah

Me “Noah where’s your banana?” him, “it’s in my tummy.” me realizing I didn’t ask the correct question, “where’s your banana peel?” (You have to keep track of those things!)

“Noah catch me the soccer ball.” – Ezra (he meant throw, but he uses a lot of opposites, like inside for outside, catch for throw.)

Noah asked what was in Sydni’s hair and I replied her bow. Ezra holds up his elbow and points to it, “this is my bow.”

“I got my baby sister out of the truck. Want to hug her?” Ezra holding up his sippy.

Just found the boys laying in their beds so I asked if they were tired. Ezra, “I’m just resting my mouth.”

I told the boys we were having fish for dinner, Noah ran in the kitchen “I want a red one!” ummm sorry buddy I’m not feeding you Swedish fish for dinner.

Noah just came in while I was putting on make-up and said, “hey you putting on your face?” weird neither Matt or I ever remember saying that.

“mommy your shoes are walking very well!” thanks ez my shoes appreciate that you noticed. 🙂

Ezra’s thoughts on why I wouldn’t take the cat on our walk, “he doesn’t have shoes!”

“I need a different pen, I need a cool one.” – Noah

Me trying to convince Ezra to take his medicine “you don’t want to get sick again” and his response “huh-uh I’m a boy.”