Things i am Excited about – Matt

I thought I would share some things i am personally excited about for the next 12 months.

  • The boys getting more and more active. it is a lot of fun.
  • playing in the dirt (with the kids….right).
  • GORD – the off road Duathalon in March with Stephanie.
  • The date night alone in prescott before the GORD with stephanie 😉  – our first planned night away.
  • Running a half marathon, maybe the Lost Dutchman in March.
  • Camping next summer with the boys.
  • Maybe heading to the beach.
  • Maybe heading to colorado in the summer
  • Nana & Papa Adams coming down in march to see their little grandkids.
  • more time mountain biking.
  • Some work stuff. I know im odd, but i feel some good things happening at factor1
  • Cool tech toys. Stuff is getting cooler and cooler every year, and i know im a geek, but i look forward to it.
  • Scoot bikes?!?! bikes without pedals for toddlers. Maybe they will be ready next fall. maybe not. they are still pretty short.

Just a few random things in my head.

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