Snowball Fight

Okay we don’t get a lot of snow, or really any, but the boys really want snow. I saw an idea for an indoor snowball fight with paper balls and knew it would be a hit. We had a ton of fun and no one got cold and wet!








First Symphony Performance

The Phoenix Symphony has a series of Saturday afternoon family friendly performances. It is a great way to introduce your kids to the symphony. Last Saturday we went to Tubby the Tuba. I chose this performance because there was an instrument petting zoo before the show. The boys loved getting to play some different instruments.

First symphony.
Ez and the saxophone

First symphony.
Noah getting some pointers

First symphony.
Ez and the clarinet, I don’t remember what made me laugh. Probably my adorably, silly little boy.

First symphony.
Showing Noah where to put his fingers

First symphony.
Ez and the violin. He has been “playing” the violin all week.

First symphony.
Noah playing the violin

First symphony.
serious boy

First symphony.
Noah loved the cello

First symphony.
Noah really thought the seats were fun

The boys sat pretty good for 4 year olds. A few more complaints then I would like, but overall good. Despite all the complaining and squirming Ezra did as if we could go back. On the way home I asked their favorite instruments. Ezra likes the Tuba and Noah the cello.


The boys and I went up to the botanical gardens today to see the spring butterfly exhibit before it ended. I love seeing the butterflies every time they visit. The boys are getting more into it the older they get. They wanted to learn the names of some of them this time. We also got to see a few lizards and a roadrunner. The boys insisted the roadrunner was a peacock and would not believe me. It is a bigger bird with a tail, so I see how they make the association. My favorite moment was when Noah playfully laid down right in the middle of a trail and covered his eyes and was hiding. 🙂 I love the “if I can’t see you, you can’t see me” phase.

Beach Day 1

Got to Oceanside. Its so nice, and low 70s. The boys got to play in the sand and the ocean. Ezra loved it, Noah got knocked down by a few waves and we had one massive wave out of the blue that caught us off guard that kept him out of the water for a bit. Hoping he gets over it more today.


Berry Picking

The Boys spent the weekend with Gma and papa at the cabin, They saw squirrels, a horned toad, and a tarantula! They rode the ATVs, ate a ton of mac & cheese and had a good time. We all went berry picking on sunday before bringing them home.

Ezra lasted about 10 minutes of dealing with thorns and finding the ripe ones. But lets just say Noah was in heaven! He was eating them as fast as he could pick them. Being the little genius that he is, he figured out mommy was picking faster, and had a large, full bag already going. So he moved on from the bushes to just getting handfulls out of moms bag. We think he ate a pound of raspberries in 20 minutes.


First Sleep Over

The last weekend of June the boys had their first ever sleep over. They went to Gamma and Papa’s cabin. I think this was hardest on mommy. They didn’t miss me one bit, or if they did they didn’t show it at all. It went really well for them and the grandparents, well as long as you don’t count getting up at 5 am and then thinking you don’t need a nap because there is just so much to do!

It went so well they are doing it again this weekend!

Halloween 2010

Cleaning the pumpkin together.

Ez loved it.

He takes after his mommy and likes playing with the guts. 🙂

Noah didn't have the same love. It's on my foot!

But he did like the blue bowl. 😀

Michelle and Jason working hard.

Carving away.

Ranger/zoo keeper found some wild animals.

Hooray! We got them to put the heads on for one picture. 🙂

Trick or Treat!

Pumpkins at the Botanical Gardens

The Desert Botanical Gardens had a little pumpkin patch this weekend.  Unfortunately to get to the pumpkin patch you had to do a hayride and the line was about an hour long.  With three antsy toddlers we decided to skip that part.  We had a nice time running around the garden and seeing some pumpkins on a truck.


Ezra ran so much!

What do you think is so much fun?

Water of course!


I need to hold this?

Almost got a shot of him looking at the camera and smiling.

Happy girl.

She reminds me so much of her daddy in this one.
DSC_3455 (1)

Why do I have to sit here?
DSC_3451 - Version 2

Three toddlers in one photo?  No one is ever looking.

Chuck E. Cheese

Yesterday Grandma took the grandkids (plus her kids) to Chuck E. Cheese. It was the boys’ first time and they had a ton of fun! We were very lucky and had the run of the place. We played several games and no one was injured by the skee balls Abby was chucking. Noah loved putting the tokens in the machines, pretty much a game for him. Ezra road a couple of the rides and only got scared once.

Cheese 😀

But why did grandma go back outside?

Come back Grandma!

Hooray we all fit!

The boys loved this game. Putting balls in a bucket is a lot of fun!

Wait who was supposed to be watching Abby?

Stagecoach Days’ Fun

Our little city had Stagecoach Days’ this weekend. We took the boys and enjoyed a nice morning in the park.

We tried our first bounce houses, Noah was more into than Ezra, but they both just crawled around.

We also went over to the fire safety trailer and learned to be fire smart.

First you play with the fireplace. Funny thing they decided to not turn it on because it was just a few toddlers in the trailer and our boys were still drawn to it, good thing we con’t have one.

Then you run from the exit.

And then if your Ezra you break out your dance moves.

We also tried out a photo booth for the first time with the boys, shockingly two toddlers weren’t very cooperative. They just wanted to push the button!

We also petted some of the local 4h club animals and played in the Montessori pre-school booth for a while (which the boys loved). Sorry no pics as we were also too busy playing. Matt also was able to do a little networking, life in a small city does have its benefits.