First Duathlon in Prescott

So If you didnt know yet, Stephanie and I have been training for an Off Road Duathlon. This a 1.5 mile run, 8.4 mile ride, and then another 2.5 mile run. All on trails and dirt. Much different than pavement. Training went pretty well, despite being sick. After pre-riding the course, Stephanie wasnt in for the biking leg. So we switched to being a relay team. Stephanie would run, Matt would ride.

Friday we went up to prescott early to stay the night. We went out to dinner and heard about a hockey game near by. I totally forgot that prescott has a minor league hockey team! So we decided to go. If you dont know, I really used to live for college & minor league hockey. Its fast, and fun. 

We got great seats for cheap. Check these out. 6 rows up, on the blue line. I was really stoked, and the sundogs won 5 to 3.


We got up saturday, ate some breakfast. Then its off to the race course. 


The race went really well. There was about 100 racers, and maybe a dozen relay teams. 

Stephanie out off the starting line


She ran the first mile and a half in 17 minutes, and passed a few people from her almost dead last in the pack start position.


We tagged up, and I was off for the bike leg of the trek. While the course is only 8.4 miles, there was plenty of elevation change. I had a hard time training for this course because all my local trails have short hills, where this course had some long, steep, grueling climbs. Climbs that make you question life itself, while setting your legs on fire.

I felt great, and passed 20 or so people. Almost all on the hills. My goal for the course was to be under 1 hr, and  i actually came in at 48 minutes or so. I was pretty stoked about that. 


Stephanie was off for the last leg, and did well. She ran the 2.5 miles in 25 minutes. Great times for the odd break between the runs, and a sandy, hilly course.


Our total time was 1hr 30 minutes ish. Official results should be online soon, so then we’ll know the actual times and final ranks (versus our HR monitors & math)


Overall the event and time in prescott was a blast. I think next year we plan to make sure we can either do it solo, or maybe as a relay again, but beat our times.

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  1. WOOO-HOOO. steph, you looked great out there on the course! Inspires me to train harder and put in some elevation changes to my routine (even though the actual Breast Cancer walk is 40 miles of flat elevation — it can’t hurt to train hard!)
    Way to go guys!

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